Need a Bookie, Pay Per Head in Green Bay, Wisconsin for the FIFA World Cup

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With Germany the favorite to win the 2018 FIFA World Cup, there will be plenty of betting in Green Bay, Wisconsin and the surrounding region.  That's because 29% of the more than 105,139 who reside here identify themselves as German Americans. Bookies better have the very best in Pay Per Head software readily available to handle the wagering activity here.

PAY PER HEAD FOR GREEN BAY, WI BOOKIES will be offering its sports betting solution starting at just $4 per customer per week.  LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING will be available for nearly all of the FIFA World Cup matches. 


Germany secured their place in the 2018 World Cup and hope to become the first team to retain the title since Brazil in 1962.


Okay, maybe the bars won't be as packed as with when a typical Packers game is being shown but they will certainly be more filled than during summers without a World Cup.

Anduzzi's Sports Club - Holmgren Way is your spot at 1992 Holmgren Way, Green Bay is your spot to watch.

While none of these establishments offer sports betting, individuals will be able to place bets via their mobile phones.  Companies like Top Pay Per Head provide a customized website for bookie and/or agent players to access.

- Allistair Prescott,

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