2010 FIFA World Cup

2010 FIFA World Cup

Paul the Psychic Octopus is Dead!

Paul The Octopus Is Dead
Paul the Psychic Octopus will not be picking any more World Cup games.  He’s dead!

England Favorite to Host 2018 FIFA World Cup

At just better than even odds, the folks from Gambling911.com premier online gambling firmbetED.com have made England the favorite to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Fabio Capello: England Had No Chance to Win World Cup

Fabio Capello
In a stunning confession, England coach Fabio Capello tells the News of the World he feared his players could not win the 2010 FIFA World Cup because they “were not fit”.

European Punters Swindled by State Run Gambling Monopolies During World Cup

Right2bet, a pan-European consumer campaign, fighting for all EU citizens to have the right to  bet with the licensed EU operator of their choice, has determined that European punters were getting 32 percent worse odds from state-run gambling monopolies than those offered by private betting companies.

Russian Bookmaker Offers 100,000 Euros for Paul The Octopus

Paul The Octopus
A prognosticating octopus correctly picked all the winners of specified World Cup games including Serbia’s shock win over favored Germany and Spain’s World Cup final win.

Asia World Cup Gambling Crackdown Continues

The crackdown in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand arrested on more than 5000 people in Asia as a world cup operation against illegal gambling, where it seized more than $10 million.

Spain World Cup Hero Andres Iniesta Goes Hollywood

Andrés Iniesta
The man who helped bring Spain its first FIFA World Cup championship ever, Andres Iniesta, is looking to become a movie star, or so it seems.

German Footballers “a Bunch of Gays” Says Michael Ballack Agent

Germany Gay Footballers
In a controversial interview appearing in the recent edition of German magazine Der Spiegel, the agent for injured Germany captain Michael Ballack, Michael Becker, was quoted as saying players on the team were “a bunch of gays” and that one of the newest players was “half gay”.

Thousands Held In Illegal World Cup Gambling Bust

More than 5,000 people have been arrested and nearly $10 million seized in an operation targeting alleged illegal soccer gambling in Asia during the World Cup, Interpol reported Friday.

Enrique Iglesias to Water Ski Nude Over Lost World Cup Bet

Enrique Iglesias
He’s got the number 8 song in America on Billboard with “I Like It” though he may not like the idea of having to water ski nude thanks to a lost World Cup bet.  He promises to honor the bet nonetheless.

Record World Cup Ratings for Final: Bookies Action Brisk

World Cup Ratings
Some 700 million people across the globe were believed to have watched the 2010 World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands Sunday according to football’s world governing body FIFA. Likewise, bookmakers in the UK and across the world say this was the most bet on event in history.

Paul The Octopus World Cup Picks Net Punters Half Million

Paul The Octopus
By now, Paul the Octopus has become a household name, and for good reason. With Spain winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup (they were early 3/1 favorites coming into the tournament), Paul’s World Cup predictions stand at 100 percent (including his pick that Serbia would beat Germany).

£10bn Bet On 2010 World Cup

2010 World Cup
The 2010 World Cup has been a massive success for bookmakers both online and local. A whopping £10bn has been wagered on the tournament across the globe.

Paul The Octopus Spain Prediction Doesn’t Sway Gamblers

Paul The Octopus
Paul the Octopus may be perfect with his predictions for this year’s World Cup, but the sports bettors in general are not buying the sea soothsayer’s selection when it comes to Spain winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup final on Sunday.

World Cup Final: Netherlands vs. Spain Odds

World Cup Final
World Cup Final for the Netherlands vs. Spain odds had Spain as the even favorite and Holland coming in with odds of +280 for a payout potential of US$28 on every US$10 bet at SBG Global.

Uruguay vs. Germany World Cup Odds

Uruguay Germany
Paul the Psychic Octopus has spoken and Germany is set to come in third place at this year’s World Cup, beating Uruguay….unless of course Paul is wrong for the first time. Germany was listed with odds of -130 at Bookmaker.com while Uruguay would pay out US$36 for every US$10 bet.

Paul The Octopus Picks Spain to Win 2010 World Cup

Paul The Octopus
Oddsmakers and gamblers alike are going into overdrive upon learning that the magnificent mollusk Paul the Octopus has selected Spain to win the 2010 World Cup. The psychic octopus has been all the rage at this year’s tournament, picking perfect to date including Spain’s win over Germany that has his home base exchanging octopus recipes.

Paul The Octopus Predictions Near: Germans Want Him For Dinner

Paul The Octopus
The mollusk medium, Paul the Octopus, is perfect with his picks at this year's FIFA World Cup. While he has only picked games featuring Germany, Paul has managed to accurately predict that teams two losses including an early stage game to Serbia that not even the oddsmakers could have foreseen.

Gambler Out €500,000 With Spain Win

Perhaps the biggest bet placed on the semi-final game between Germany and Spain had €500,000 riding on Germany to win.

Paul the Octopus Still Perfect: Spain or Holland?

Paul The Octopus
Who will Paul the Octopus pick to win the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Spain Holland World Cup Final Odds

Spain Holland World Cup Final Odds
Spain Holland World Cup Final odds were about to be released at Bookmaker.com with Spain to be named around a 1/2 or -190 favorite vs. Holland paying US$15 for every US$10 bet.

Germany Spain Odds Dead Heat

Germany Spain Odds
When it comes to Germany Spain odds, there are no favorites.

Germany vs. Spain: World Cup Semifinals Odds

Germany vs. Spain World Cup
Germany vs. Spain World Cup Semifinals odds were coming in at Spain +150 and Germany +160 at SBG Global. There was no true favorite in this contest.

Forget Paul The Octopus: BetUS.com Hamster on Holland

BetUS.com Hamster Holland
Forget about that stupid German octopus Paul. So what if he is perfect in his 2010 World Cup predictions to date.

Uruguay Holland World Cup Odds (Updated)

Uruguay Holland World Cup Odds
The latest Uruguay Holland World Cup odds had Holland as a -155 favorite requiring a US$15.50 bet to win US$10 (the initial bet is refunded should Holland win). Uruguay would pay out big at +500
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