Why the Phil Hellmuth Outburst Over Weekend has Everyoune Outraged

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The World Series of Poker bracelet record holder Phil Hellmuth may have apologized for his outburst against a fellow player this weekend.  Few had kind words for Hellmuth, who only days earlier had made his grand entrance at the WSOP 2018 dressed as Marvel super hero Thor.

Poker pro Doug Polk asks the question: Why is everyone so outraged over how the self-proclaimed "Poker Brat" conducted himself?

Were his actions over the line?

His abrupt behavior comes just hours after another player was ushered out of the WSOP Main Event and disqualified for using a racial slur against a fellow African American player, referring to him as a "n***er".

Some have called on Hellmuth to be penalized for his outburst.

Polk goes into detail what transpired.

"I feel in the poker world we give well known players preferential treatment in a lot of situations that maybe they shouldn't receive.  I think if this hand had happened with a few random people there would be a penalty."

It should be noted that Hellmuth has agreed to pay for the affected player's entry into next year's World Series of Poker Main event.

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- Ace King, Gambling911.com

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