Racist Player Escorted Out of WSOP Main Event

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A player at this year's World Series of Poker Main Event was escorted out of the establishment overnight Friday and reportedly disqualified for using racial slurs directed at an African American individual.  A number of players in recent weeks have complained about mistreatment by others, in particular bullying of females at the table.

Poker player Maurice Hawkins applauded WSOP organizers for how they handled Friday night's situation.

Update on on the Racist guy from the WSOP.Jack Effel just showed America how to deal with Racism, and that’s Zero tolerance. I am proud to play in @Wsop and be apart of their brand. (Thankyou) He Perped walked the racist guy out of the Tournament Area and DQ”ed him.#HawksView

And what led up to the expulsion?

Hawkins tweeted out (Note from G911: offensive language appears below):

Well, here at the @WSOP , you can say.
SHUT UP NIGGER. And all you do is get a penalty for the rest of the ... http://tmi.me/1fknQt

The individual who made the racist remark will lose out on his $10K paid to enter the main event.

Shawn M. Fogelman tweeted out:

I hope that the @WSOP Looks at this as an opportunity for improvement and makes it an  automatic disqualification for any individual who uses such vulgar and racist remarks/vocabulary. Regardless of buy-in amount.

While few were excusing the use of the racial slur, some players went on to accuse Hawkins of being verbally abusive to others at the table.

A player petet tweeted out to him:

agree Maurice - racism has no place anywhere - I’ve played 3 days with you though and hope to play once when you don’t verbally abuse others at the table - it’s a tired act - but you right it doesn’t entitle a victim to be racist

- Ace King, Gambling911.com