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One of the best bookie software for dummies in the industry is PricePerPlayer.com. They provide a service for bookies of any size throughout the world, and at an easy-to-understand price structure that starts at just $5 per active player per week.  This is where the term "Pay Per Head" comes from.  The "head" is the customer.


# of Active Players

Price Per Players

0-99 Players

$5.00 Per Player

100 to 199 Players

$4.50 Per Player

200 to 299 Players

$4.00 Per Player

300 to 499 Players

$3.50 Per Player

500 to 699 Players

$3.00 Per Player

700 to 999 Players

$2.50 Per Player

1,000 + Players

$2.00 Per Player

The service PricePerPlayer.com provides includes a professional sportsbook website for players to bet on thousands of betting options each and every day, and they manage all the lines up to the second 24/7. In addition PricePerPlayer provides 24/7 support through phone, text, live chat and email, to help bookies with any type of request or advice on booking action that they may have.

The bookie software is very simple and easy to use and has numerous useful features.

Running Your Sportsbook

It's so easy even a dummy can do it, seriously.  That's because you as the bookie will simply be laying out on the beach and letting PricePerPlayer do all the work for you.  They deal with the overhead, reporting, line moves, customer service etc...  You just collect the money.  But even dummies have to do some of the work.  On your end, it's all about checking in on your customers, reviewing reports and engaging in marketing efforts to bring in new business.

How to Lower Sportsbook Losses and Expenses

Offering the right Sports Betting Odds – Setting odds is a difficult task that requires experience and know-how. This is because one wrong move can mean a loss. Needless to say, offering the right sports betting odds is a must.  PricePerPlayer has experienced oddsmakers monitoring the lines 24/7.  You can make the necessary adjustments based on action for particular teams, especially local sports franchises and/or schools.

Lowering Monthly cost of operation – The trick is to lower these costs without sacrificing quality.  For example, is having a cheaper server worth the savings? In some cases, it is and in others it is not.

Finding the right employeesCut down on your expenses by getting rid of bad apples and rewarding the good ones.  While PricePerPlayer employs individuals to run your sportsbook, it would not hurt to hire an assistant dedicated to your clients, especially the more high stakes individuals (whales).

Managing your Money Correctly – Having a budget is imperative to a bookie business as you must know how every penny is spent.

What's Included as Part of the Pay Per Head Outsourcing Business:

Cross platform compatibility (will work on multiple operating systems).

Mobile abilities.

Menu and wagering options.

Modern and attractive interface options.

Real-Time line feed reliability.

DGS Instant Action

Single player account and e-wallet across all sales channels

Integrated gaming services for multiple sales channels

Incorporation of rich content, managed by centralized Content Management System

Seamless integration with third-party systems via our web service interfaces

Interfacing to external services, for betting events set-up assistance and for accessing comparison tools, and external monitoring systems

End-to-end Security Framework, strong eligibility verification mechanisms and appropriate safeguards for maintaining data integrity and confidentiality

Sophisticated customer acquisition and retention mechanisms, enabling the deployment of wide range of cross-channel and cross-product loyalty schemes, bonuses and promotions

Multi – currency transactions and Multilingual support

Comprehensive Back Office Application to control platform’s resources and functionalities

And There is More...

Detailed Reporting

Creating and viewing hold reports

Easily accessible player summaries

Weekly figures

Agent position

Weekly information on your players betting habits

Players Management System

Set general and individual player limits

Player Adjustments

Simplicity and ease of use.

Reliable and fast grading.

Intuitive and reliable line management tools.

Unified player account management

- Tony Caliente, Gambling911.com

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