Phil Hellmuth Gets Berated on Twitter Following Outburst

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Over the weekend we saw the World Series of Poker bracelet record holder Phil Hellmuth come down hard on himself.

“Nursing my usual social media thrashing," he tweeted.

Phil Hellmuth isn't known as the Poker Brat for nothing. In a controversial hand at the end of Day 2 of the 2018 WSOP Main Event Hellmuth exploded during a hand with two other players. Of course the Twittersphere responded immediately. In this interview Hellmuth explains his positions. He apologizes and there are also some shots fired at Justin Bonomo.

"It was 100% my fault," said Hellmuth, who entered this year's World Series of Poker dressed as the Marvel Comics super hero Thor.

On Twitter, Hellmuth was getting lambasted.

Update as of 4:30 pm EDT July 8 - Hellmuth has agreed to pay for the affected player's entry at next year's World Series of Poker Main Event.

Watch as Hellmuth discusses the issue below.

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