Campbell Brown Calls Out White House on Fox News Bias

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C Costigan
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CNN's Campbell Brown reported on the White House attempt to label Fox News as some type of "bias news media".  Good for her.  So what if Fox News offers more of a "Conservative" slant and the same goes for MSNBC and their Liberal leanings.

It is absolutely insulting for the White House to try and stymie a news outlet (that just happens to get the highest prime time ratings).  It's even worse when one considers that the White House has nothing to say in regard to MSNBC, which never has a nice thing to say about Republicans (at least when we're watching). 

Worse still, the White House let's the Huffington Post into the press room.  Amazing! 

Some of us who voted for Obama believe this is the single most damaging campaign his administration has entered into yet.  Think Venezuela.  Think China.

We are the site that filed a Motion to Intervene in an investigation centered around sealed warrants and the online poker industry.  A New York Circuit Court found in our favor.  There is no place in this country for Government trying to silence news media outlets, mainstream or electronic PERIOD.   Read about this our case here

Brad Templeman of the Detroit Law and Politics Examiner had this to offer:

Senior White House Adviser Valerie Jarrett, a longtime friend of President Obama, was interviewed by CNN's Campbell Brown and demonstrated clearly how the White House has run out of gas in their battle with Fox.  She casually states that Fox News is biased, but when asked whether MSNBC is also biased, she becomes somewhat flummoxed and actually says that she doesn't want to "generalize"  and say that all of Fox is biased.   Oh, and it's not specifically directed at Fox.  Apparently, arguing that the liberal-leaning MSNBC is unbiased in a bridge too far (although White House officials have repeatedly gone on CNN to tell CNN how unbiased they are).

This battle between Fox News and the White House has been going on for a while, which makes it even more mystifying how a Senior White House Adviser could be so unprepared for such a basic question.  She should have easily anticipated that any professional journalist (and Campbell Brown is on CNN!) would ask about a similarly situated news network when you criticize Fox News.

Even without MSNBC's obvious liberal slant, Fox News has every right to report what they want to report and the American people can make up their own minds as to who is biased or not.

Make no mistake about it, this isn't a "silly Fox attempt to capitalize on ratings".  We see this as a serious threat.  It is also one of the most discussed topics among news viewers in the last week.

In response, the online bookmaker Sportsbook.com was in the process of considering offering odds on an all out Fox News banning from the White House as well as odds on when Valerie Jarrett comes out and admits MSNBC also presents news with a media bias.  Good for MSNBC.  Good for Fox.  They both enjoy strong ratings and decent programs.  But the White House doesn't need to take sides....let alone even tread into this arena.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher


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