Bookies Behaving Badly Part 19: 'I'm God and Your Account is Closed'

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Not all bookies who behave badly are cold-hearted killers a la Houston's Bob Angleton - the subject of our first installment of Bookies Behaving Badly - or even mob enforcers.  

Gambling911.com profiled one sportsbook operator who made brutal threats over the telephone (featuring the recorded calls).

Tony from 5Dimes is well known for his sometimes comical (and playful) chat sessions with players. 

On occasion these chats do get out of hand and not everybody appreciates the 5Dimes owner's "sense of humor".  Some refer to Tony as a "wannabe tough guy". 

In one epic chat session, Tony actually told the disgruntled player he was "God".

“I asked him... did you just say you're God…and he said.. ‘Yes and your account is no longer active’. He was mad because i made an earlier SBR posting that he MADE ME CHANGE to get my account back on”.

To be clear, Tony isn't a bad guy.  He acquired his successful Costa Rica-based online sportsbook by winning big against the software provider, another individual who has previoiusly been featured in our series.  In lieu of getting paid, he was given the online sportsbook.  For the better part of 20 years now, 5Dimes has thrived in the online gambling hub of Costa Rica, focusing primarily on the North American market. 

More recently, a 5Dimes player opted to share his own chat log with the fine folks at SBRForum.com:

You have been transferred to: Tony.
Hareeba Hello Tony, Roderick said I need to chat with you
I've been back playing at 5Dimes for about 4 weeks after something like 9 years
All was sweet until I think it was Saturday when I found my bets were being reduced to win just $50
Tony i guess its no longer "sweet" for you
Hareeba without any prior notification/warning
I'm guessing that the fact that immediately prior to that I went on a winning streak of I think it was 10 bets?
Tony nothing to do with a "streak"
Hareeba oh, what then?
Tony because i can
that is why
Hareeba you can what?
Tony do what i just did
Hareeba sorry but I'm not following you ... what reason for the reduction in my bets?
Tony you've been given that answer.... "because i can"
so we're done here
Hareeba that's all?
Tony have a great morning
Hareeba it's worse than that
not only are the bets limited but there is something like a 45 second delay whilst bets are "processed"?
Tony that is just terrible
i truly hope your morning gets better
Hareeba I was told by Roderick that you would be able to answer my questions
looks like he was wrong yet again
Tony no one here has a clue
not even me
last time, hope your morning is a brighter one
Hareeba Is there nobody here who can give me a straight answer to anything?
Tony i'm the boss of everyone here
so if i can't help you, i guess your "unhelpable"
Hareeba this has to b a joke right?
it's not April Fools yet
Tony thank you, i'll be sure to mark that down
i sometimes get confused
Hareeba one of us has been drinking?
Tony please don't drink and drive
it can be dangerous
Hareeba so, I take it you no longer want my business?
I keep hearing what a great book 5Dimes is!
Tony don't let those rumors fool you
Hareeba clearly I have been fooled (or am being)
Tony jesus loves you, never forget that
Hareeba I'm a devout atheist
Tony jesus loves you either way
Hareeba I must have done something wrong for you to be treating me in this way?
Tony that question is above my pay grade
Hareeba If I were the owner that wouldn't be an issue any longer
Tony i don't know about that one, I wasn't aware that I was here for "IF" questions
Hareeba it wasn't a question

One forum member offered this response: "What a fuking dik bag- take your business elsewhere - ain't worth the trouble dealing with this guy. He's a big shot customer service rep/manager - hilarious - fuk him."

The player who posted the above chat later confirmed that the matter had been resolved amicably. 

More bark than bite perhaps.


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