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Online Sportsbook Concerns Arise: DimeLine Sportsbook Stalls

Online sports betting group, DimeLine Sportsbook, is in "slow pay" mode according to numerous posts on the SBR Forum

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/08/2009

Governor Jon Corzine Files Motion to Join Sports Betting Suit

TRENTON - Governor Jon S.

Submitted by Guest on, Jul/03/2009

USA vs. Brazil Likely Monster Betting Event for Gambling911

Heading into Sunday morning, typically experiences little in the way of any significant Web traffic.  After all, everyone is out partying into the wee hours of Sunday morning.  Th

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jun/28/2009

William Hill closer to moving online trade offshore

The odds on William Hill moving its online and telephone betting business offshore have shortened.

Submitted by Guest on, Jun/26/2009

Punters Cheated by up to 40 Sports Betting Operators

Our man on the scene in Australia, Greg Tingle, has notified us of a major cheating scandal down under involving some 40 operators allegedly ripping off pu

Submitted by Guest on, Jun/25/2009

Outgoing Liverpool Football Coach to Chair Betting Integrity Panel

A new panel is being put together to ensure current rules are sufficient when it comes to sporting event and they will be put in charge of identifying suspicious betting patterns.

Submitted by Alistair Prescott on, Jun/24/2009

BetonSports Pleas: Kaplan Clan Won’t be Doing Jail Time

Despite reports Monday that the brother and sister of jailed BetonSports founder, Gary Kaplan, have entered into guilty pleas, sources close to advise they will not be providing any

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jun/23/2009

Online Sports Betting Yields $27,000 Payout on $5 Bet

A Canadian sports bettor recently witnessed a $27,000 payout betting a mere $5.  He did it at one of the world's leading online sports betting company,

Submitted by Guest on, Jun/23/2009

Online Sportsbooks Ready for Hot Dog Eating Contest

The online sportsbooks are prepared to celebrate the 4th of July Weekend (The US Independence Day).  But unlike most people, these folks will be stuck in the office working at least par

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jun/23/2009

Paddy Power Hurt By Lucas Glover

While reported yesterday that its friends over at ha

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jun/23/2009

More Guilty Pleas in BetonSports Case

The brother and sister of BetonSports founder, Gary Kaplan, have plead guilty Monday and agreed to forfeit millions in gambling profits, though it is unclear where they will come up with those mill

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jun/22/2009

Lucas Glover Win Huge for Bookies

Sports Interaction Senior Bookmaker, Rob Dastidar, told Darren Rovell of

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jun/22/2009

Heroes Sportsbook Slow Paying Clients

A number of antsy customers of Heroes Sportsbook out of Curacao have been posting on the Sportsbook Review foru

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jun/22/2009

iMEGA Chief: Abolishing UIGEA Could Take Years's Jenny Woo continues her interview with founder, Joe Brennan, Jr., where he discusses the likelihood of a long drawn out process to ultimately abolish the Unlawful Intern

Submitted by Jenny Woo on, Jun/18/2009

Richardson Wants George Clooney: Not Leonardo DiCaprio

After learning that Leonardo DiCaprio's production company was slated to begin filming on a project that would focus on the world of Internet gambling in Costa Rica, suggested that

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jun/18/2009

Famed Bookmaker Passes Away This Weekend

A beloved Costa Rican bookmaker has passed away over the weekend of an apparent heart attack.

Submitted by Guest on, Jun/16/2009

NFL Doesn't Want Your Bets

The Wall Street Journal, page D16


Some of the National Football League's founders were gamblers. The league draws more wagers in the U.S. than any other sport. It recently authorized its teams to sell their logos to state lotteries. But when it comes letting states expand sports betting, the NFL has made its position clear: Not now, not ever.

Submitted by Guest on, Jun/16/2009

William Hill May Restrict Some Football Match Betting

William Hill said it would consider moves to restrict betting on end-of-season matches or lower leagues after evidence of unusual patterns of demand.

Submitted by Guest on, Jun/11/2009

Belmont Stakes Betting Looks Like a Winner for G911

All early indications is that Belmont Stakes betting will be a hit for the website, which witnessed its first major sporting event of 2009 fail to meet up to expectations with The P

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jun/06/2009

Ben Waldman Denies Involvement With Delinquent Payment Solution

Responding to Monday disclosure that  payment solutions company, Smart Banking Systems (SBS), was screwing over online gambling clients in Costa Rica, software platform provider, B

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jun/03/2009

Does the NFL Still Hold a High Moral Ground on Betting?

The NFL has taken a fair amount of heat over its recent decision to allows its teams to partner with state lotteries.

Submitted by Guest on, Jun/02/2009

Delaware Supreme Court gives OK to sports betting

DOVER, Del. - (Associated Press) The state Supreme Court says a proposed sports betting lottery in Delaware does not conflict with the state constitution.

Submitted by Guest on, May/28/2009

Frank Depford: US Stop Two Faced Approach to Sports Betting

Frank Depford of National Public Radio (NPR) is calling out the US for what he says is a "two faced approach to sports betting".

Submitted by Guest on, May/27/2009

Court Weighs in on Delaware Sports Betting Legislation


Submitted by Guest on, May/21/2009

Longer NFL Season Means More Money For Sportsbooks

A vote on whether the National Football League would extend their season from 17 to 18 weeks was not likely this week.  Online sportsbook operators are waiting with baited breath for the prospect

Submitted by Mary Montgomery on, May/19/2009

New Jersey Governor John Corzine Could Jump on Sports Betting Wagon

As reported last week, New Jersey Governor John Corzine appears to be more "over the fence" than "on the fence" when it comes to legalized online sports betting

Submitted by C Costigan on, May/18/2009

Delaware and Sports Betting Featured on ESPN

New Delaware Governor, Jack Markell, is making huge national waves in its attempt to legalize sports betting in the state.  ESPN interviewed Markell about the hot button issue.

Submitted by C Costigan on, May/13/2009

Delaware Sports Betting Bill Passes

DOVER, Del. (AP) - The state Senate approved a bill Tuesday that would authorize Delaware to become the only state east of the Mississippi River to offer sports betting, sending it to Gov.

Submitted by Guest on, May/13/2009

Delaware Hot Button Issue in Sports Betting

The local Delaware media has been following recent developments in legislative agendas surrounding the legalizing of sports betting.

Submitted by Guest on, May/12/2009

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Elon Musk Bets Still Available as Twitter Purchase No Longer a Sure Thing

Elon Musk Bets Still Available as Twitter Purchase No Longer a Sure Thing

Elon Musk says that $44 billion Twitter acquisition deal cannot proceed until there is proof provided that the social media platform has fewer than 5% fake accounts as BetUS continued offering

Preakness Wagering Suffers With No Triple Crown Bid

Preakness Wagering Suffers With No Triple Crown Bid

"It hurts the racebook tremendously," said Adam Burns, head of trading at

What Are the Payout Odds on Tiger Woods to Win the 2022 PGA Championship?

What Are the Payout Odds on Tiger Woods to Win the 2022 PGA Championship?

It's both a gift and a curse at the same time.  Tiger Woods going deep in any Majors tournament means greater viewership and, by default, more wagering.  But most of the bets will be made on Woods.  If he wins, the books lose.  Though the liability is less than in the past, it's still present.