NBA Finals Preview: Most Profitable Bets for Online Bookies

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Lakers versus Celtics, Pistons and Bulls, and now the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers can be added to the list of great rivalries in NBA history.

The NBA Finals pits the two best teams against each other, just like a sporting championship should. While many have complained about the NBA's lack of parity and the boring playoffs to this point, the NBA Finals is a matchup of the two very best in the world.

This year's NBA Finals pits the Warriors and Cavs against each other for the third straight season, and it is a chance for Golden State to gain some revenge against Cleveland.

The Warriors lost in seven games a year ago, but look the stronger of the two sides going into this year's series. Golden State capitulated in the finals in 2016, giving up a 3-1 lead.

Golden State Enters as Favorites

Golden State enters the finals undefeated, winning all 12 games in the NBA Playoffs. The Cavs didn't cruise quite so easily, but never really had any difficulty with Boston in the Eastern Conference Finals.

In the end, Cleveland lost just once on the road to the finals, amassing a 12-1 record.

The Warriors have had extra time to prepare for the finals, and have had time to get everyone healthy from a long, grueling season.

Strengths of Golden State

Golden State has something Cleveland doesn't: a one-two punch that has been nearly unstoppable since the playoffs started.

Stephen Curry has been the team's talismanic point guard for several seasons, but the additional of Kevin Durant has only made the Warriors stronger.

The Cavs don't have that kind of duo, and regularly rely on LeBron James to carry them. Golden State has two players that can score, assist and rebound, and if one has a poor night, the other can step up.

Each team has its own hardcore fanbase, but the casual NBA fans will be split between the teams.

Basketball betting will be split as well with some picking Golden State in seven games, while King James disciples will back Cleveland to win it again; even if the Cavs fall behind early.

NBA Finals Basketball Betting Trends

  • In the last eight games, Cleveland is 7-1 SU in road games.
  • Golden State is 5-0 SU in its last five home games.
  • Cleveland is 2-5 SU in its last seven road games against Golden State.
  • Cleveland is 1-6 SU in its last seven games as an underdog.

Who will win the NBA Finals?

Golden State, on paper, is far too strong for the Cavs in the NBA Finals. Last season, the teams looked far more evenly matched than this year.

The addition of Durant has completely changed the Warriors for the better. Giving them more scoring options, and Durant isn't too bad on the defensive end either.

Durant Key NBA Stats:

  • 26.4 points per game in the NBA Playoffs
  • 7.8 rebounds per game
  • 4.1 assists per game
  • 1.1 blocks per game
  • .554 FG percentage per game

Sure, Cleveland made an unlikely comeback in the 2016 finals against the Warriors, but that was a different season and different time.

How Agents Should Per Head Agents Prepare?

How per head agents prepare is based on their type of basketball bettors. Being that both teams are among the best, with a great following, online bookies may just have to sit back in watch.

Although, having max betting limits should be a priority. Having max betting limits will help secure the payout that could happen. Per head agents should have limits set on all high-stake championship games. The pros and casuals start weigh in during this time.

Bookies and agents should also have their layoff accounts ready. Again, this will be based on types of basketball betting players and their fanbase.

If there’s a lot of casual fans who are also LeBron fans – it won’t matter what team he’s on, wagers will be heavy.  Use your player reports to decipher which types of bettors and fans are betting, and have the right mitigation in place.

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