Pay Per Head Tips: 3 Reasons To Have A Premium Per Head Solution

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Per head agents often wonder if they need a premium per head solution. Most agents feel that they can run their businesses effectively with basic per head tools and features.

Since everything starts with PPH software, just having access to the best software is enough.

This isn’t necessarily the case. Becoming a successful online bookie is hard enough. Maintaining that success is harder. The word to remember when reading the rest of this article is competition.

Competition is everywhere in the bookmaking business.

3 Advantages with a Premium Per Head Solution

Access to Injury Information

Access to injury information also means quick access to injury information. Just having access to injury information isn’t good enough.

 If an agent must go to ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, etc. to search for the information, that’s taking time away from something else those agents can do.

The best per head companies offer injury information through their premium packages. Bookies can use this injury information several ways.

They can set schedule limit overrides. They can decide to take live bets off the board. They can set max betting limits. Access to injury information is important.

Scores from Don Best

Don Best is the most reputable tout service on the Internet. When per head agents see scores from Don Best, they can be assured that the scores are correct.

At times, an online bookie might want to manage live betting to ensure profit.

It can be as burdensome to search for correct scores as it is to search for injury information. Accessing scores from Don Best, means agents see the most up to date scores.

TV Listings

Tying promotions and other marketing around nationally televised games is a proven, effective, way to increase action. TV listings sound boring. They aren’t!

They can be a valuable tool that allows bookmakers to more effectively target specific events.

The Kentucky Derby, as an example, is a single race on a 10 to 13 race card. The time that the Kentucky Derby goes off isn’t the time when Derby Day starts.

Marketing around the Derby requires agents to know when Churchill Downs runs the Kentucky Derby.

Agents must never forget that they have competitors. Having access to premium per head solutions might be the advantage to keep agents ahead of their competition.

Get The Right Pay Per Head Platform

Per head agents who want full access to the right tools should have the right platform PayPerHead.com offers premium tools that allow online bookies to mitigate risk, and make more cash.

Pay Per Head agents should have control and full access to all the industry-leading tools.

PayPerHead is offering their prime package for HALF THE PRICE. That’s $6.50 per head, experience what a premium platform can do and become a master agents.

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