Does a Pay Per Head Platform Make Any Sense?

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Does Pay Per Head Platform Make Any Sense? “What a question?” you may exclaim. Interestingly, many people especially those that have been in the bookmaking sector for a long time may not see the need to take their bookmaking business to a 'new’ platform thus ask the question that is in the opening words.

For those who have already signed up with pay per head software providers, however, know that it makes much sense shifting your business from where it has been, to a newly-elevated platform, the pay per head platform. However, you too may honestly ask, “What is the need for doing so?” Well, here are a few reasons why pay per head platform makes much sense to those who decide to shift.


Many of those who still hold to doing their bookmaking business the same old-fashioned style may not realize that there is much convenience when they shift their business to a much higher platform like pay per head.

To them, the message is: there is awe-inspiring convenience. Imagine odds and lines put together. Players’ accounts and accessing all reports from one end with a click of a button. Isn’t that what you want?

Besides, the PPH platform is highly responsive. That means all your clients can easily and quickly access your site using their mobile devices.

More Betting Options

More wagering options is a plus to your clients. Long are the days when your customers could only access a few games if they ever exceeded one. Today, thanks to pay per head online bookie software, your customers can access as many games as they want.

Think of prop bets, parlays, teasers and several other betting types. These cannot be offered by non-pay per head sites.

The more the betting options a site offers to its clients, the more the 'vig’ or 'juice’ for the bookmaker. Those who are interested in college football, tennis, political controversies and entertainment will quickly access their favorite sport to bet on. That way, you will get many customers as a bookie.

Convenient Customer Service

One of the main features of a reputable pay per head software is its customer care portal. It is cool.

Imagine that you have a problem logging in to your account, and it is past midnight from your end and when you try to dial the toll-free number on your screen, it rings and a soft-spoken person picks your call. Doesn’t it sound soothing?

That is how customer care has been made easier thanks to a pay per head platform.

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