Fantasy Soccer

Fantasy Soccer

DraftKings Partners With New England Patriots: First Deal of its Kind in NFL

The popular daily fantasy sports site has partnered with the New England Patriots.  The partnership is a first for any professional football team with an organization operating in daily fantasy sports and it was inked just hours before Thursday night’s game against the Jets.

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Oct/18/2014

Rochester NY Rivals Silicon Valley as New Tech Epicenter, Fantasy Sports Hub

In an interview conducted with’s own Thomas Somach this week, Seth Young, COO of Star Fantasy Leagues, revealed neither he nor the two co-founders have any intention to move their thriving fantasy sports business out of Rochester, New York, calling the city “

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Oct/16/2014

Star Fantasy Leagues Giving Traditional Sports Betting a Run for its Money

ROCHESTER, N. Y. -- The hottest things in sports right now are commercial sports fantasy leagues, where fans of major sports can create and manage their own imaginary teams and, in the process, earn cash prizes depending on the teams' success.

And it's all legal, because the Federal government of the U.S. has officially decreed that participating in fantasy sports involves skill, not luck, so it's not considered gambling.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Oct/15/2014

NBC Sports Builds Stronghold in Fantasy Sports Market With RotoGrinders Deal

NBC Sports is making serious inroads into the world of fantasy sports, this week announcing a partnership with Rotogrinders, the leader in fantasy content and website tools.

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Oct/09/2014

Bloomberg News: How DraftKings Turns Fantasy Sports Into Real Money

DraftKings CEO Jason Robins and former Boston Celtics basketball player Antoine Walker discuss the growth of fantasy sports with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock."

The real money aspect (and, hence, the gambling element) truly comes into play with the games lasting just one day.

Robins offers an example: “This football weekend, you would look at the players and pick them only for the games you are playing today and you can go and play for free or an amount of money and win anywhere up to a million dollars.”

Submitted by Ean Lamb on, Oct/07/2014

Early FanDuel Investor: ‘Fantasy Sports is Finally Mainstream, Massive’

Paul Martino is Managing Director of Palo Alto-based venture capital firm Bullpen Capital and, these days, he is most excited about his early investment in, a provider of daily fantasy competitions that continues to attract considerable cash infusions, most recently a $70 million windfall from Shamrock Capital Advisors.

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Oct/05/2014

Daily Fantasy Sports - How to Play Head-to-Head – Best Strategies, Payouts blog writer offered up an excellent explanation on how to play head-to-head daily fantasy sports and the best strategy to employ, noting it is the most popular and easiest for a new entry into Fantasy play.  Head-to-head is often referred to as H2H.

Submitted by Tyrone Black on, Oct/05/2014

Fantasy Sports, Live In-Play Wagering Helping to Boost Sports Betting

Fantasy Sports was a hot topic at this week’s Global Gaming Expo with daily leagues helping to fuel sports betting.

Joe Asher, CEO of William Hill, which operates sportsbooks in Las Vegas told those in attendance that “the business is very, very healthy”.

Submitted by Tyrone Black on, Oct/02/2014

Star Fantasy Reacts to HBO’s ‘Real Sports’ Piece About Daily Fantasy Sports

If you’re like us, you tuned in to watch Carl Quintanella’s portrayal of the daily fantasy sports industry on Tuesday’s Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel.  According to the FSTA, 41 million people played fantasy sports last year in the USA alone. It should come as no surprise that our burgeoning industry is capturing the curiosity of the media.

Submitted by Press Release on, Sep/26/2014

ABC News Report: ‘I Lost $70k Playing Fantasy Sports’

Fantasy Sports is gambling, hence, the activity does come with a fair amount of risk.  This is illustrated in a Sunday special from ABC News, which examines one Fantasy Football player who claims to have lost at least $70,000 betting on individual players in leagues offered at the likes of and

From ABC News:

Submitted by Tyrone Black on, Sep/21/2014

$5 Billion in Bitcoin Fantasy Sports Contests Annually: Joins the Fray

Bitcoin + Daily Fantasy Sports contests could amount to big bucks.  Try $5 billion.

Fantasy Sports has always seemed like a promising area for Bitcoin acceptance, suggests Kenny Spotz of the

Submitted by Aaron Goldstein on, Sep/18/2014

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College Age Students Perfect Prey for Legal Regulated Sportsbooks

College Age Students Perfect Prey for Legal Regulated Sportsbooks

“You freakin’ idiots … Selling out your own students who you’re supposed to be caring for,” said Ramsey. “The No. 2 addiction in North America today — and fastest growing addiction in North America today — is online gambling. It starts with the sports betting as a gateway drug.”