Bloomberg News: How DraftKings Turns Fantasy Sports Into Real Money

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Ean Lamb
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Bloomberg News: How DraftKings Turns Fantasy Sports Into Real Money

DraftKings CEO Jason Robins and former Boston Celtics basketball player Antoine Walker discuss the growth of fantasy sports with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock."

The real money aspect (and, hence, the gambling element) truly comes into play with the games lasting just one day.

Robins offers an example: “This football weekend, you would look at the players and pick them only for the games you are playing today and you can go and play for free or an amount of money and win anywhere up to a million dollars.”

Robins noted that there was a game this past weekend that offered a buy-in of just $27 where the winner would pocket $1 million.  

Walker plays fantasy football on Draftkings and suggested the activity is sometimes complicated, but only because there is much skill involved.  You must stay on top of what is happening in the league.

“You gotta make sure your players aren’t hurt and you gotta watch for the bye weeks,” Walker said.  “It’s fun for the guys.  We do it for the bragging rights.”

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