Rivers Apologizes to Hitler for Poker Pro Annie Duke Comparison

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Jordan Bach
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Comedian Joan Rivers compared poker Annie Duke to Adolf Hitler this past week on Celebrity Apprentice.  On her Twitter page, however, she felt terrible about the comparison.

"I just compared Annie to Hitler. I feel terrible. My apologies to Hitler."

Trump said Annie seemed nice during the boardroom meeting. Joan said so did Hitler - to his buddies, anyway.

The yelling between project leaders Annie and Joan (neither one was in danger of leaving since they were the strongest players on their teams) continued, with both speaking over each other. Joan said Annie's ego was "so beyond where you are."

Occasionally Melissa jumped in to cut off her mother and try to explain how Annie is different in and out of the boardroom.

As Jesse described it: "I feel like we just re-enacted the last family reunion I went to."

Annie on Joan: "That woman is completely f***ing dead to me. One hundred percent. ... She's a crazy b**ch and as far as I'm concerned she can never speak to me again."

"The Rivers/Duke feud is great!" said Gambling911.com Senior Editor, Payton O'Brien.  "Everyone loves a good cat fight and this has made the Celebrity Apprentice something I look forward to each week."

Last week, Rivers implied Duke is a tax evader and suggested that all poker players are as well. 

Annie Duke is a spokesperson for the UltimateBet.com poker website. 

Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com


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