Adam Lambert Lost Because He is Gay Says Poker Pro Annie Duke

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Adam Lambert Gay

Annie Duke lost the Celebrity Apprentice finale because....well....she wasn't Joan Rivers (the ultimate winner in an event many in the poker world argue was "fixed")

It's only fitting that one in a series of favorites to lose out on titles from popular reality television shows would comment on American Idol favorite, Adam Lambert, failing to win this season.

"I am so disappointed," the poker pro and spokesperson for said following American Idol's results show.  "I seriously think Adam lost just because he is gay. Bummed. Bummed. Bummed."

Throughout the season, news reports surfaced that Lambert might be gay.  Photos of the Idol kissing another man were also widely circulated.  Many pundits, including, speculated that the American Idol audience might not quite have been ready for a "gay Idol". 

"How badly did Adam crush Kris in the We are the Champions contest? That wasn't even unfair."

Lambert joined the club of favorites who lost out to underdogs on reality television finales over the past two weeks.  The trend started with Annie Duke's loss to her arch nemesis, Joan Rivers, on the Celebrity Apprentice finale.  Dancing With The Stars -250 favorite, Gilles Marini, lost to +200 underdog Olympian gymnast, Shawn Johnson. 

Adam Lambert was initially made a -350 favorite heading into Tuesday night's show while Kris Allen came in as the +200 underdog.  By Wednesday evening, the two were virtually at even odds to win the competition. 

Duke does see some bright light when it comes to Lambert's loss. 

"Now Adam doesn't have to sing that awful Kara song. Makes me feel much better," she said.

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