Soccer Officials Detained in China Over Gambling Probe

Hu Yinan, China Daily

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BetonSports Siblings Sentenced to House Arrest

Following news that founder, Gary Kaplan, will serve just over a year in prison, reports have surfaced that family members will be assigned to house arrest.

Brother, Neil Scott Kaplan, and sister, Lori Beth Kaplan-Multz, who had worked for the company, pleaded guilty in June to two felony conspiracy charges and agreed to turn over more than $6 million held in Swiss bank accounts, according to a report in the St. Louis Dispatch.

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Kaplan Will Be Free In Just Over a year

BetonSports founder Gary Kaplan has already served most of his sentence and, as such, will only be incarcerated for another year and couple of months.

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BetonSports Gary Kaplan Gets 51 Months in Prison


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Disgraced Ex-NBA Referee Tim Donaghy to be Released

By Frank Fitzpatrick, Philly Inquirer Staff Writer

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Online Gambling Processors Cave in to US Attorney Office

The Optimal Group Inc.

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Online Gambling: Golden Casino Still at Center of MD Investigation

An investigation into online gambling payment processors by the US Attorney's office out of Baltimore, Maryland continues to hone in on the Internet casino Golden Casino.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Oct/28/2009

New York Racing Operation Owner Tied to BetOnLine Case

By Matt Hegarty

Andrew Berg, the owner of the New York-based racing operation Gumpster Stable, surrendered his license to the New York State Racing and Wagering Board on Oct. 21 after being indicted on charges of recruiting people to bet through an illegal gambling operation (, according to regulators and law-enforcement officials.

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Phillies Fan Offered Sex for World Series Tickets

Philadelphia Phillies fan Susan Finklestein wanted World Series tickets bad.....REAL BAD!

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Poker Site Makes Wilmette Police Blotter

From the Wilmette, Illinois local paper police blotter:

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Poker Player Faces Up To 24 Years Behind Bars

DENVER - A gambler who bet the house on an illegal poker and sports-betting operation in Denver with several high-stakes or well-known players, lost it all on Monday when he pleaded guilty to a fel

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Accused Money Launderer No Longer Involved With Processor

The lawyer for one of two people charged in a probe into online gambling payment processors has told a l

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It’s Business As Usual At Despite Arrests reps insist that customers monies are safe and that they have nothing to do with any credit business even after thirty individuals connected with the Panama City-based online gambling

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Poker Player Who Killed Parents Won’t Get Death Penalty

The Alameda County District Attorney's Office will not seek the death penalty for Ernest Scherer III, now 31, who is accused of killing both his parents. former San Ramon Valley schools trustee Ernest Scherer Jr., 60 and Charlene Abendroth, 57, a longtime Cal State East Bay accounting lecturer, were both found brutally stabbed and beaten to death in their Pleasanton home last year.  Both the father and son were well known on the professional poker circuit.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Oct/26/2009

BOL Loon Claimed Bookie Tried to Have Him Killed

We received the call a little over two years ago.  The tipster told that was "under investigation" and that "we should report this". 

The individual calling us claimed to have been a partner with Joseph Fafone, who on Tuesday was arrested at the Rochester, New York Airport as part of a Queens District Attorney's investigation into BetOnLine.

"I am working with the Feds," said the tipster.  "I have to.  My life is in danger."

It pretty much went completely downhill from there in terms of the tipster's credibility.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Oct/23/2009

Maryland Online Gambling Investigation Seizes Emails

California online payment-processor, Electracash, Inc., continues to be charged by federal investigators out of Maryland who are in the midst of probing the industry.  The primary target appears t

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New York Media Eats Up Bet On Line “Mob” Connections

The indictments and subsequent arrests of several individuals connected with the Panama-based online gambling site,, has taken center stage in the New York media, painting everyone as

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Former BetonSports CEO Carruthers Running Marathons

Riverfront Times

Tue., Oct. 20 2009

By Kristen Hinman

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PokerListings Founder Andreas Oscarsson Murder for Hire

Swedish authorities investigating the murder of founder Andreas Oscarsson are working on the assumption that the incident was a contract killing. 

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Gambling Godmother Captured

SHANGHAI - The Chongqing Mafia cleanup that has been grabbing headlines across China for nearly five months got a whole lot more exciting this week when the only woman alleged to be a gang boss app

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Cheats Overtake Mobsters on Vegas Black List

Mobsters and those connected with the mob are now the minority among Las Vegas's infamous casino Black Book. 

Of the 21 people banned from Nevada casinos between 1990 and 2000, most had alleged mob connections, according to a report in the Las Vegas Sun. From 2001 to today, only seven names were added to the list, and all except one were casino cheats.

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Oct/13/2009

Is Pitbull Poker Running a New Scam

For the third time in less than a week, embattled online poker site, Pitbull Poker is back in the news once again. As was previously reported, the site, which has ceased operations amid allegations of using superuser accounts to cheat its customers out of money, as well as having their leadership placed under arrest, did some curious tweaking to their website yesterday.

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Things Getting Even Worse for Pitbull Poker

When your offices close up shop and your boss is placed under arrest, normally, things can't get much worse for your company. However, things really are getting worse for the newly defunct Pitbull Poker and its operators with the news that after learning that the site was in fact doing shady things against its customer, players are now seriously considering taking legal action against them.

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22 Robbed at Private Poker Game In Oklahoma

Police are searching for two men in connection with last week's robbery of 22 people during what police described as a "private poker party" in northwest Oklahoma City.

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Yankees Pitcher Jailed for Vegas Gambling Debts

Shawn Chacon, who once pitched for the New York Yankees, was arrested Monday in Greeley, Colorado, for a warrant that alleges he wrote bad checks to Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas last spring.

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RICO Law Criticized as Open to Abuse

JJ Hensley, The Arizona Republic

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Gambler Swindles $500K From Priest


AN elderly Catholic priest was conned into handing over nearly $500,000 to a drug-using gambler, a court has heard.


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Full Tilt Poker Lawsuit Details Released

The folks from have obtained the latest lawsuit against Full Tilt Poker in its entirety, all 19 pages of

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Racketeering Schemes Had Ties to Internet Gambling

BY Jose Martinez and Brian Kates


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Ben Roethlisberger Rape Suit Will Not Be Dismissed

A Nevada judge will not dismiss a civil suit alleging Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger raped a Lake Tahoe casino worker.  Lawyers for Roethlisberger filed a Motion to Dismiss, wh

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Oct/01/2009

Breaking News

Jury Fails to Come to Decision in Kleiman Wright Trial of the Century

Jurors told the judge in the case of Ira Kleiman vs. Craig Wright that they were unable to come up with a decision.  The judge issued an Allen charge, which requires them to  now deliberate until they have a decision.

Pari-Mutuels in Florida Urge Appeals Court to Reject Seminoles' Motion for a Stay in Sports Betting Case

West Flagler Associates, parent company of Magic City Casino, submitted its official response to the Seminole Tribe’s emergency motion for a stay in its Florida mobile sports betting case claiming the “irreparable harm” cited by the Seminole Tribe is self-inflicted.  West Flagler Associates noted that the Seminoles continue to take mobile bets even after a federal judge ordered them not to.

The End of Macau as We Know It?

The End of Macau as We Know It?

The world's largest casino hub may be no more following a series of arrests over the weekend that demonstrate China's crackdown on gambling enterprises tied to the mainland.