Paul Foster: Utilizing Blockchain in Gambling Compliance

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Aaron Goldstein
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In this episode of Hashing It Out, CoinGeek.com's Rebbeca Liggero sits down with Chief Executive Officer Paul Foster of Crucial Compliance to discuss how blockchain technology can be utilized in dealing with compliance matters within the gambling and gaming industry.

With the gambling space now becoming multi-jurisdictional, compliance has become an essential part in responsible gaming as it also gives players the security to stay in the ‘fun’ zone rather than in the ‘danger’ zone.

In partnering with nChain, Foster explains how the platform they built and the data they have must have integrity, which was made possible through the Kensei platform.

“At Crucial Compliance where we’ve built a system called Crucial Player Protection, which actually is a behavioral monitoring system, which looks after the whole player experience from the moment you sign up through to the time you’re playing,” Foster shared on Hashing It Out.

“We monitor your behavior and whenever you change your behavior, then we know about it and we can then interact with the player…it’s all about keeping the player in the fun zone and not in the danger zone,” he said.

Online blockchain-based games offer unique and special capabilities for individual players and the e-sports industry.

Watch below for more.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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