Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain Gaming

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Aaron Goldstein
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If you as an online gaming operator are not embracing and adapting to blockchain technology, expect to be left out in the cold within the next two years.  It is happening that quickly.

With that in mind, Gambling911.com wants to introduce its readers to BSV Stories and the below "must see" episode.

In this episode of BSV Stories, we unravel the world of blockchain-based gaming. As online gaming became a worldwide phenomenon being enjoyed by millions of people across the globe, online blockchain-based games offer unique and special capabilities for individual players and the e-sports industry. AVAILABLE NOW BELOW

Ahead of the highly anticipated BSV Stories episode debuting December 15, 2021, our resident BSV expert Timothy Johnson points out that the CryptoFights game has been "generating a whole lot of the transactions over the BSV Blockchain."  You can view these transactions here.

The founder of Fyx Gaming, a pioneering game studio that uses blockchain technology to build its products — including the popular CryptoFights title, turned his back on the Ethereum network in 2018 at a time when many were rushing to be affiliated with it.

The reason was simple.  Ethereum couldn't handle his gaming business' transactions in its infancy, how would it do so in later stages of growth?

“After BSV split from BTC, we looked at the landscape and at the time we were frustrated with Ethereum. We had worked on it for about a year and we were trying to really innovate the blockchain crypto space but there was friction in creating a better user experience. When the hash war took place, it was timely because what resulted was the BSV network. We looked at it and said, ‘This solves a lot of our problems.’ Then we decided to alienate ourselves from the Ethereum community and go to the black sheep, BSV,” Kling summarizes.

Let's all join the BSV Nation in watching this episode below.  You can also Subscribe to Watch Here  AVAILABLE DECEMBER 15, 2021

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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