Becoming a Bookie has Never Been Easier

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C Costigan
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These days, being able to make wagers has never been easier, but people forget that as more and more people bet on sports, more and more people need bookies. In the old days, being a bookie happened in one of three ways: You knew a guy, you had an offshore book, or you went to Las Vegas. 

Obviously, the last one is easier said than done, and for most folks, using anonymous internet sites isn’t the vibe. As a result, it means that you’re going to have to go with a better option: Someone you trust that provides personalized service. Enter the local bookie with a PPH site. 

Nowadays, it’s never been easier to find a bookie or become one yourself, thanks to being able to use a PPH site. 

But which PPH site is right for you? PPH, which stands for pay per head, is a time of service that provides bookmakers with the software, website, and customer service they need to get their very own sportsbook up and running. 

So how do you go about finding the best PPH sites around? 

Here are a couple to get you started. 


As the name suggests, real bookies use RealBookies, and if you’re looking for a versatile PPH experience that gives you unparalleled value and leverage, RealBookies is where it’s at. You can customize your site, pay only for your active players, and get all of the advantages of a real bookie without the backroom scenes out of Casino. 

Jokes aside, the bookie business is not as illicit and crazy as some might make it out to be. In actuality, you’re providing an in-demand and useful service that most folks enjoy taking advantage of. Forget the naysayers; being a bookie is an honorable profession.  

Once you get your hands on a top-tier PPH service like Real Bookies or SharpBookie, you’ll realize quicker than most that you have what it takes to be the bookmaker that you’ve always wanted! 

Forget having to get a gaming license or even starting a real-life network. With a PPH service, you can simply start up your very own site, network with those in your community, and start booking wagers in no time at all! Come check it out for yourself today! 


More than a name, SharpBookie says it all. SharpBookie lets you get access to some of the best PPH technology around, and you’ll even be able to get your hands on proprietary technology, analytics, and software that most other price per head services don’t offer. 

This will ensure you’re able to get the very best service possible, and most critically, will stay one step ahead of the competition, ensuring you can make a solid decision about your PPH endeavors. Don’t settle for a sub-par provider, a cheap PPH service is not worth the savings.

Like most top-tier PPH sites, SharpBookie allows you to customize your interface so you can provide your own branding. Nothing is worse than having your supposed custom site and then having to deal with the challenges that come with the challenges of running a PPH site.

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