Betting the 2020 NFL Season

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C Costigan
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When it comes to betting the 2020 NFL season, you need to keep in mind that there are going to be some wacky things that we may have never witnessed before. There will no doubt be bizarre storylines akin to those circulating in the NBA that the so-called NBA bubble is not the same as real NBA intensity, and therefore, it doesn't "count." 

Well, lucky for you, sports bettors, every game counts, and in some cases, every snap counts, too. So rather than getting down on your luck and feeling glum about an otherwise unorthodox NFL season, you'll have to realize very quickly that betting the 2020 NFL season requires a little more handicapping than merely musing at the bizarre nature of the sport in a post-coronavirus world. 

Here's what to keep in mind when wagering on the season. 

Look for Value in the Early Weeks 

Unlike most sports, the NFL can start one way and completely turn on a dime in a matter of months. Whereas higher volume sports help bettors figure out the rhythm of the season faster, NFL bettors don't have that luxury. 

Teams tend to have a very Jekyll-and-Hyde nature from week to week, and if you get caught in a trap betting on the mediocre or overvalued squads, it's going to be a rough few months for your bankroll. Rather than going all-in on the popular offseason narratives, it doesn't hurt to be a contrarian in the early going of a season. 

Every season, there is a breakout team that no one sees coming. Most times, it's a team that is completely overlooked, whether due to the loss of a key piece or the unaccountable ascendence of a particular player, especially a quarterback. 

Teams with the potential for breakout seasons could include those that are being counted out merely for speculative reasons rather than people realizing, "Wow, there is a lot of value here!"  

Value betting at online sportsbooks is the essence of betting, and, for the NFL especially, keep in mind that value is everything.  

Want a value team? 

Look at the New England Patriots, who are trying to bounce back with the loss of several opt-out players and the addition of the enigmatic and dynamic Cam Newton of Carolina Panthers fame.  

Not Your Normal Season 

As with most sports, it's going to be a little strange for players. With fanless stadiums and artificial crowd noise, the power of the home field will be far less influential on teams that normally crumble under intense pressure. 

For example, the Seattle Seahawks and their legendarily loud stadium will be cranked down to a neutral, universal volume that all teams will have to abide by. 

Similar to those speculating about the NBA's bubble, there are those that believe that weaker, less-traveled (no pun intended) teams will be less intimidated by the prospect of playing a superior team at their home field. As a result, we may see bigger performances by those teams fazed by crowds. 

No matter what your football bets are, just be prepared for an entertaining and dynamic season that will be a rollercoaster ride from start to finish.

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