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The pay per head industry for private bookmaking software solutions continues to expand along with the tremendous growth of the sports betting industry. More and more of today’s sophisticated sports bettors are turning to independent bookies in light of the higher level of customer service they can provide verse the big commercial online sportsbooks.

Real Bookies pay per head online sportsbook solutions has helped more than 1000 private bookies successfully run and manage their own independent sportsbook over the past two decades. This PPH service is one of the true pioneers in the sports betting industry and it remains one of the best options for today’s private bookmaker.

Real Bookies Overview

The company’s origins are in Costa Rica as its base of operations. It was one of the first pay per head bookie software providers to offer a comprehensive online sports betting package that includes all the necessary business tools to take sports betting action online.

It has earned its reputation as one of the best values for private bookies over the years by taking a very consistent approach to doing business. Unbiased features in national online publications such as CNN, Forbes, Sky Sports and Gambling911 have confirmed this lofty status along with favorable word of mouth reviews. This has helped to account for the company’s growth and expansion as one of the biggest pay per head providers in the sports betting industry.

Real Bookies Features and Benefits

A few of the most important features included in Real Bookies pay per head bookie software package include:

  1. An automated online betting platform covering desktop, laptop and handheld betting
  2. 24/7 customer support from highly trained sports betting subject matter experts
  3. Live in-game betting options for all major sporting events
  4. An online sports betting dashboard with 24/7 access every day of the year

Advanced features are a very important part of any PPH service package, but benefits are the added perks that offer inherent value in any weekly pay per head fee a private bookie pays. Here are a few of the top-line benefits that are included in the software solutions package:

  1. Easy setup with step-by-step guidance from an in-house account representative
  2. A comprehensive business report library providing real-time business analytics
  3. A free four-week trial of the entire sports betting software package
  4. Included access to a racebook with over 70 horse tracks
  5. Included access to an online casino with 100’s of virtual and live games

The total grouping of features and benefits ranks high on the list when compared to other pay per head sites. Real Bookies has consistently upgraded its offerings to meet an ever-changing online sports betting environment. The value verse the actual per head cost is another way Real Bookies has been able to separate itself from the competition.

Real Bookies Ratings

As far as the overall rating for Real Bookies, it has been set at 5 stars out of 5 for the past several years. The site also ranks high for ease of use when it comes to navigating its sports betting software.

When it comes to fast and easy access to betting lines, Real Bookies receives 4.75 stars out of 5. This PPH service utilizes a professional line setting service with betting options for over 80 different sports leagues.

One of the biggest areas where Real Bookies ranked higher than the competition with 5 stars out of 5 is cost verse value in its pay per head fees. The site also offers quantity discounts starting with as few as 30 active sports betting customers. Having the business grow while fixed costs go down will have a direct and favorable impact on the bottom line.

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