Nasdaq ‘Investigating’ Bitcoin Futures That are Different to Rivals

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Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman talks about the future relationship the stock exchange operator intends on having with the cryptocurrency market.

On Tuesday it was revealed that Nasdaq was in hot pursuit of Bitcoin-linked products.

“We are looking to create a product geared to investors, not traders, as an investible asset,” Ms Friedman told the Financial Times, adding that what she is calling a “digital gold” model might be the most effective precedent to use when structuring retail-friendly products.

Nasdaq rivals Cboe Global Markets and CME Group began trading Bitcoin futures last month with some hiccups.

“There are a lot of opportunities to improve the market structure as it exists today,” Ms Friedman said. “Other instruments [in finance] have matured into a mode which is offered to retail investors. There is room for this to happen in cryptocurrency. We will only launch a product if we can make it much better.”

Speaking at the World Economic Forum, Friedman added: "We continue to look at the risk management, making sure the right protocols are in place."

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