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It's never been easier to start your own sports betting site from the state of California. Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to allow sports betting in all 50 states, one can suddenly feel more confident about operating a sportsbook all their own.  It is important to abide by local laws, however.  Each state must amend its current laws.  Established Pay Per Head businesses can help you set up today.

Why Use a Pay Per Head

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Pay Per Head sites charge a small fee per month for each customer.  The PPH does everything from running reports, creating and moving lines, customizing a website, providing 24/7 customer service, and offering a casino and horse racing platform.  You are in full control of your business without having to do hardly any work.

Will California Have Actual Sportsbooks Now That Sports Betting is Legal? estimates California will not have sportsbooks before 2020.  This is due to the complex relationship between the tribes and state legislature, each with their own unique agendas.

Since 1992, federal law has prohibited most states outside of Nevada from allowing sports betting, but the U.S. Supreme Court rruling means that individual states can now authorize sports gambling.

But in California, there has been a decade long attempt to legalize Internet poker, with no luck.  That's because the tribal-run casinos have worked hard to protect their own interests.

Lawmakers in CA may not have the stomach to explore legalized sports betting in the world's 8th largest economy.


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