Pay Per Head Agents Should Offer Live Betting On All NFL Games

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Live betting has become a disruptive force in the online bookie industry. Agents that don’t offer live betting are missing out on a huge market.

Agents that don’t offer live betting on all NFL games miss out even more on this massive market. Check out why it’s important for pay per head agents to offer live betting on all available NFL games.

Live Betting Specifics

Before getting into why NFL games are perfect to gain live betting revenue, a refresher is in order. Live betting allows players to make bets during the game. Players prefer to make live bets for the following reasons:

  1. Players believe it’s easier to make winning bets after a game has started.
  2. Players like to make bets while they watch games.
  3. Live betting allows players to key on a specific game.

Why Should Agents Open Live Betting for Every NFL Game?

It’s about viewership. Although the ratings for NFL games are down, more people watch NFL games than any other sporting events. By offering live betting on all NFL games, pay per head agents bump up the percentage of possible live bets.

If a player is winning an ATS bet, that player is likely to push via a live bet. If the player is losing an ATS bet that player is likely to dampen losses via a live bet.

The relationship between watching and gambling on NFL games is that strong.

How Can Agents Prevent Huge Live Bet Scores?

The first thing agents can is set max betting limits. Most offshore sportsbooks already do this. It’s doubtful that any players would complain. By setting max betting limits, it’s impossible for players to take advantage of live bets.

Second, agents can delete live bets. If something doesn’t look right, agents should just delete the bet. This shouldn’t be a normal practice. There are times when it’s necessary to take extra precautions, though.

Third, live betting odds naturally fluctuate. In NFL games, live betting odds are almost never wrong. Even if a player chooses to take advantage, it’s almost impossible to do so.

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