Sports Betting is Coming to Ohio Soon Says Government Elect

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Ohio Governor-Elect Mike DeWine is all-in on sports betting.

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A May Supreme Court ruling threw out decades of prohibition against sports betting.  Individual states must amend their own laws to allow the activity and Ohio legislatures expressed early interest.

Now we know they'll be getting plenty of support from the top governing official in that state.

"It's coming to Ohio whether people want it or not," Governor-elect Mike DeWine told News 5 last month. "We need to be there to do it right, the right way."

A Republican who has served as the state's Attorney General, DeWine won his election bid last week.

"I'm not a big fan of betting but it is a reality and Ohio voters have made that decision with the casinos and other things throughout the years and so it's here,  I think it's important for Ohio to do it right and so I will work with the state legislature when I'm governor to make sure this is done right, make sure that we can control it, make sure that we can regulate it."

Ohio legislatures had originally proposed offering sports betting in everything from bars to convenience stores and, of course, casinos.

So far, only a handful of states have been offering wagering this football season.  New Jersey does not permit betting on its state college teams.  It is not immediately known if Ohio would allow bets to be placed on the state's beloved Buckeyes.

"Look people want to gamble you know a tremendous amount of gambling goes on under the table in regard to sports. We need now that the United States Supreme Court has made their ruling we're going to have every state is going to be jumping into this, people are going to be able to do it on their app," DeWine added.

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