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Tatjana Pasalic hasn't made her complete worldwide debut...yet but your very own Jenny can't wait until she does.  Tatjana has been in the Balkin local poker scene, here and there in the states as well as Europe, but I can't wait to see this beauty go full-blown in the worldwide scene.  Read on for my full interview with this beautiful and talented woman.

JENNY:  How did you get your start in poker? 

TATJANA:  I just moved to Denmark when the whole Scandi poker boom started. One thing led to another and I found myself in Vegas during the WSOP. Walking into the Main Event venue and hearing the sound of chips was indescribable for me. It was love at first sight - I knew that I want to be a  part of this no matter what it takes. 

JENNY:  How well are you playing and how often are you playing? 

TATJANA:  Geez, I can't say I'm not the best cause I will make Kara upset! Kara Scott is my mentor and I have learned so much of that girl, she's amazing but I have so much to work on, I have been neglecting the game lately. I used to play almost every day but with the work I got going on - a news portal to take care of and presenting - I don't find much time for playing. Need to sort that out! 

JENNY:  What is you game of choice? 

TATJANA:  Texas Hold'em. Always has been my favorite game, it's just so beautiful. Gives me an opportunity to be an actress cos every pot is like a different role - you can bluff, play tight, aggressive...Besides, I'm a girl, Omaha has got too many cards, I can't follow all that!:) 

JENNY:  Would you say that you have a relaxed style of play or do you try to be aggressive? 

TATJANA:  I am relaxed and tight but lately have been working on my aggressive style because the competition is getting bigger and bigger every day and you need to keep up or you get eaten. 

JENNY:  What tournament plans do you have coming up? 

TATJANA:  I'm off to Unibet Open in Budapest in a few days but I hope I will squeeze in some online action over the next few weeks. I became the front face of a big tournament that will be held in Croatia in August, together with Dragan Galic (PartyPoker Pro from Cro) and I am helping in organizing that so I am not sure I'll make it to many events but you can definitely catch me grinding online. 

JENNY:  Do you only focus on the European market or are you traveling all over? 

TATJANA:  I am mostly focused on the Balkan region but you can see me all over the place from LA to Russia. I have spent three years helping to build the poker scene in the region, raising awareness and educating people so ex Yugoslavia is like my baby. I go to the EPT, WSOP,WPT...but always love to come ‘home' and see poker blossoming there. 

JENNY:  Will you be playing in the WSOP here in the states? 

TATJANA:  I'm indecisive. It's a great tournament, the money is amazing but 10 days...I'm just not that patient when it comes to sitting in one place!

And waiting for the final table for so long...But then again, being a part of that is like being a part of history. Now you got me thinking... 

JENNY:  Are you playing online as well? 

TATJANA:  Yeah, I turn my Unibet account but lately I discovered PartyPoker so I might start hanging there. 

JENNY:  You've been working with Unibet.com and PokerNika.com.  How long have you beenwith them and how did the relationship start? 

TATJANA:  Unibet started just last year, I went to Prague and produced first HD videos in the industry and got amazing comments on them. Unibet couldn't help it - they fell in love and took me on board. Working with them is one of the best experiences I have had so far - such a friendly, great bunch, like a big family. 

Pokernika.com started in a collaboration with Pokerpt.com, I have been friends with Ricardo for some time now and we had some drink in Monte Carlo and decided to push it in the Balkans. So far, were doing great, our community is growing every day and I'm very proud to be there from the beginning - I can say that we were the ones to start the poker boom in Croatia. 

JENNY:  You must get a lot of attention in the industry.  Does it ever phase you in your game or have you embraced the attention? 

TATJANA:  Oh God, no. When I am at the table, I am one of the players. I never use my looks to get anything, so that rule applies for the game as well. But I am not THAT famous that people would recognize me. I get attention because I'm a loud Mediterranean - you can't miss me when I win a pot J 

JENNY:  You're a beautiful woman and I'm sure you get a lot guys hitting on you.  What's the worst pick up line you've received so far? 

TATJANA:  Actually, not many guys come up to me. I talked to my friend about it the other day - he claims guys are scared. It's funny, if you ask me but I do get messages on facebook from many guys, guess it's easier for them. The funniest one was when I guy send me the whole rosary prayer and then wrote: ‘Huh, ok. Now that I have said my prayers - will you marry me?'

It was cute but unfortunately not enough.

JENNY:  You made my 2010 Sexiest Poker Players List and we've received some great comments on you.  How does it feel to have so many fans out there who admire you?

TATJANA:  What fans? I didn't see any fan mail!

I'm not a person that deserves fans, I'm like everyone else and this whole celebrity thing doesn't really affect me. I love to help people, talk to them and I encourage them all the time to contact me if they need advice or information. I do not see myself as a figure that wants a fan club but as s link in between people that like poker and are looking into being educated and the game itself. 

JENNY:  Tell our readers about your modeling career.  And do you have anything coming up? 

TATJANA:  Poker just started in the Balkans and I was one of the pioneers - I started blogging about two years ago so when the whole thing came into the media, magazines like FHM and such got interested in me.

I have just done another cover shoot and I would lie if I said I didn't like it. I'm not a full time model but I wouldn't mind being - they pampered me all day, gave me nice clothes, took photos of me, treated me like a princess. I got some other offers that I am looking into but when I grow up, I would love to do a USA magazine like Sports illustrated or Maxim. 

Another thing you readers might not know about this beauty...she knows how to cook.  Yes, this Croatian poker player just won another cooking show.  Be sure to check with Gambling911.com to see the latest updates on Tatjana Pasalic.


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