Classic Find: Disgraced Poker Pro Howard Lederer on Business Ethics (Video)

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Patrick Flanigan
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Classic Find:  Disgraced Poker Pro Howard Lederer on Business Ethics (Video)

Credit a poster from the CardChat Poker Forum with finding this rare jewel: Poker pro Howard Lederer on “Business Ethics”.

Considering what we know today, this is pretty sad watching.

Lederer is accused by the US Justice Department of running an elaborate ponzi scheme as a stakeholder in Full Tilt Poker.

FTP has not paid players for more than a year, though it was announced this week that PokerStars was entering into a deal to purchase Tilt and pay back all affected players.

Perhaps Lederer will attempt to take credit for this sale.  Regardless, most of the poker community has blamed Lederer for engaging in the very activities he condemns in this video. 

“Poker teaches you that all you have is your reputation,” Lederer says.

Whatever you say Howie!

- Patrick Flanagan,

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