Online Gambling for Dummies, Newbies, Beginners

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No idea how to place a wager online?  No problem.  Today’s online gambling sites treat everyone as if they are newbies, beginners….and, dare we say it, total dummies.  

This is a result of many jurisdictions worldwide making it difficult to open online wagering accounts via what was once simple methods such as an ACH or credit card.

Going through a website’s online chat such as the one found at is usually the least intimidating.  Ask as many “dumb” questions as you like.  They are not there to judge you. 

This chat feature is great for learning how to open an online betting account and the options available for depositing funds (as little as $10 in some cases). 

While many sites are encouraging the anonymous digital currency of Bitcoin, the vast majority of folks still don’t know how it works.  Those who do can start betting in a matter of minutes.

BetPhoenix offers other options such as their UPay platform, credit card or instant cash online

Online gambling companies love the novice as these individuals typically enjoy the initial experience, want to continue without crushing the book or online casino and, most important of all, there’s an understanding that family members, friends and follow employees of this customer will be encouraged to join as well….at which point this once novice is now teaching others how to place bets online. 


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