Online Bookie Tips: Using Your Layoff Account For NFL Spread Betting

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NFL Week 1 is in the books. What it means is that online NFL betting players are going to start pushing their favorite ATS bets.

Unlike most other sports, NFL odds makers are so adept at creating fair betting lines that online bookie agents must consider utilizing their layoff accounts on NFL spread bets.

But, when should agents use their layoff account on NFL spread wagers? When should they let action ride?

When to Use Layoff Account for NFL Spreads

There are a few methods to determine when to use the layoff account. Let’s take a real NFL Week 2 game as an example to illustrate two of the most effective methods:

Cleveland +8 vs Baltimore -8

Trust the juice – Trust the juice means using the layoff account to balance the books on any NFL game where action is overloaded on one side of a spread.

So, for example, if 80% of the action lands on Baltimore at -8, agents should consider utilizing their layoff accounts.

Follow pro players – Another effective method is to simply follow the action from pro players. If a pro player doesn’t wait to see where the action has become overloaded, for example, a pro player above bets on Cleveland that Monday at +7, rest assured that the pro player is going to push Cleveland once the spread goes to +8.

Instead of setting a max betting limit on the pro player, use your layoff account to manage the action. It’s a good idea to allow pro players to bet as much as they want on whatever games they wish to bet.

Beware Leaving NFL Spread Money on the Table

We can take a game from NFL Week 1 to illustrate how pay per head agents can leave money on the table.

One of the most wagered upon games from NFL Week 1 was Kansas City versus New England. Pro bettors stayed away from the game, or they bet on KC, while casual bettors pounded the Patriots.

New England went from a -7.5 favorite all the way to a -9 favorite. We all know what happened. Kansas City pummeled New England 42 to 27. Depending on where the action in specific bookmaking businesses went, trying to balance action might have led to leaving a lot of dollars on the table.

An online bookie agent should always look to see what NFL spreads pro players are backing. They should then decide to use their layoff accounts or not.

Going against pro players can lead to lost profit.

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