Here's Why You Need to Switch Your Pay Per Head Software

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Are you with a pay per head provider that’s struggling to meet your requirements? Or maybe the service you joined doesn’t provide the quality of support you require to run your bookie?

In this article, I’m going to explain why you need to switch your pay per head software.

RealBookies is a Costa Rica-based PPH shop with more than 20 years of experience. They’re trusted by 1000s of bookies around the world and have been featured in CNN, among other websites.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of Real Bookies.

Advantages of Switching to RealBookies

It’s true that the majority of pay per head services offer similar features. All of the major PPH shops offer bookies the ability to offer a sportsbook, racebook and online casino nowadays.

However, there are still some advantages that puts Real Bookies ahead of the competition.

  • Operates 24/7: Some PPH shops are notorious for grading bets slow. Some shops don’t even have a call center for clients to call to place bets. RealBookies operates 24/7. Your clients will be able to place bets through the telephone and all bets are graded almost instantly.

  • Level of Service: RealBookies has been in business for decades and collectively the team has tons of experience running a PPH shop and running sportsbooks. Due to this, they’re able to assist bookies more thoroughly, especially new bookies looking to grow.

  • Customization: RealBookies understands that bookies need to be able to customize all of the features available to fit with their players betting profile. If you have trouble, there are support reps that will guide you through the process and ensure everything is correct.

  • Experienced Lines Managers: The less expensive PPH shops need to cut corners to remain profitable and often what happens is they hire less experienced managers. RealBookies has in-house lines managers with years of experience running sportsbooks.

  • Free Trial: RealBookies is so sure that you’re going to prefer using them over the PPH shop you’re already using that they offer a full four-week free trial. You can test run the software, set-up betting profiles and use all of the features of the software without spending at all.

When it comes to your business, you want the best. Your clients will be happier, as they get to utilize a better betting platform without server issues preventing them to place bets.

You’ll also be able to run your business more smoothly knowing you’re partnered with the best PPH service in the industry. It’s also nice knowing that you can contact an experienced rep 24/7 if you have any problems with anything and receive a quick reply rather than having to wait days.

With a fee of $10/head, RealBookies is comparable in price to the majority of PPH shops. Some may offer prices of $5-$8/head, but those services don’t provide the expertise and support that you’ll receive when you’re a RealBookies client. For an extra few bucks a week, make the switch. 


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