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You can find a bookie in Chicago and its River North neighborhood by following some simple tips, the most important of which is that said bookie must utilize Pay Per Head software featuring LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING via a customized website.

You may also opt to bet directly online with Americas Bookie where you can claim up to $1000 in FREE CASH by clicking on the banner above.  Credit cards and Bitcoin accepted.  

Where to Find a Bookie

Bookies can be found in sports bars and pool halls. 

The Globe Pub on Irving Road is amongst the most popular sports bars in the region.  It’s like a match making establishment for bookies and sports bettors where relationships should be fostered after just one drink.  Watch for the guy staring up at the game being played on television who keeps glancing down at his smartphone and routinely projects a reaction of ill or excitement.  Odds are good he’s betting LIVE IN-PLAY and has a bookie or simply wagers online where this option is readily available.  

Near the West Loop one will find the Green Street Local and, probably the most popular of the sports bars in this region, Theory, is located at 9 West Hubbard Street.   The Clark Street Ale House on, well, North Street, is also popular among sports bettors and bookies.

Disposable Income

After perhaps Old Town, this is the most expensive neighborhood in Chicago for which to live with average rents for a 2 bedroom apartment topping the $2100 (2014 figures).  Bookies will be hungry to target this portion of the city, assuming of course those living here have money to bet after paying these high rents.

Bookie Personality Traits

Sports bettors seeking out a bookie in this neighborhood should understand the common personality traits of the individual they’re likely to come across (note: there are just general stereotypes). 

Smug elitist Bill Maher look on his face when you ask if he offers LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING.  They are Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving personalities. 

They are outspoken, ingenious and engage in stimulating conversation.  They are actually good at strategically determining whether you are a serious sports bettor or one inclined to just dabble on an occasional weekend and never place a bet outside the football season.  Savvy bookies know that Pay Per Head establishments the likes of only charge a small fee for active weekly customers and, as such, they might not engage as much if they believe you to be a “small fish”. 

Interesting Factoids

Chicago in general has a 44 percent higher number of lawyers per 1,000 people employed in the city than the national average, most of whom would likely reside in this particular neighborhood. 

Neighborhood Fan Base

Unlike a good chunk of the nation, betting on Baseball is built into the equation.  When the Bulls are good, so too is the business for bookies during an otherwise dry NBA season.  Savvy bookies know they can get a lot of action on Hockey, especially when offering LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING. 

The Bears bring the entire betting community together however with around 35 percent of those residing here identifying themselves as true Bears fans.  Believe it or not, with 32 teams in the NFL and a high transplant rate, this number is quite high.   Shocking but the next biggest fan base is the Packers at 7 percent.  The Steelers were 3rd at 4 percent of the population. 

- Ean Lamb, Gambling911com

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