WSEX Payouts Good Only in Sears?

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Gambling911.com has been reporting extensively on World Sports Exchange (WSEX.com) and its inability to pay these days.  The once proud Antiguan-based online sportsbook has had its reputation dragged through the mud and they will have a tough time recovering following months of slow pays and hideous customer service.

Now comes this rather bizarre report from SBR Forum whereby a player states upon finally receiving his funds from WSEX, they are telling him he can only use the monies to make gift purchases.

Say what?

From SBR:

"Today I received a check for $2,945. Except, there is a letter saying I have to activate the check to use it. I have to spend it at Macy's or Sears etc. It is saying its some secret shoppers club."

We hope this is some type of sad joke.

Another poster responded:

"So your check is really just a gift card that can only be sent specific places? That would be seriously ****ed up!"

At least with a real gift card you are not forced to purchase a refrigerator you don't need with it.

WSEX has advised the customer to cash the money out first then he must make gift purchases.


This is just another sad series of events involving World Sports Exchange these days.

.... You may recall Gambling911.com had reported on some slow play situations at Skybook a few months back.  Thank you Skybook for responding to our inquiries and resolving the matter head on.  Not so with Playtech it appears.

Gambling911.com reported on how one of the publicly traded online casino software licensee's was screwing over loyal affiliates.  At least one site has blacklisted the entire Playtech group as a result.

Playtech is yet to take action against this licensee, though it informed one affiliate they were "trying".  Whatever that means.

Playtech has a good name but it only takes one rogue licensee to ruin things apparently.  

Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com


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