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C Costigan
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Gambling911.com recently reported on how a group of online casinos utilizing the publicly traded Playtech Casino software platform have been stiffing affiliate partners.  This pattern typically carries onto unsuspecting players (customers) as well.

One online casino affiliate has flat out blacklisted these Playtech properties.

Red Hot Revenue has decided to not pay its affiliates including Pay-fair.com (the site that is posting this message). There have also been numerous player complaints about these Playtech casinos. All together this has lead us to blacklist the Playtech powered casinos and poker room: Royal Dice, Sierra Star, Giant Vegas and Nuts Poker. If a casino or a poker room cannot or will not pay it's legitimate bills, why would you trust them with your money? I know I would rather spend my money with an operation that honors its agreements and has no grievance against it. Unfortunately the software provider Playtech has informed us that they are not able to do anything against this rogue behaviour from their licensee.

As mentioned the blacklisted RHR casinos are:

Royal Dice - Playtech - Blacklisted

Sierra Star - Playtech - Blacklisted

Giant Vegas - Playtech - Blacklisted

Nuts Poker - Playtech - Blacklisted

Stay away from these outfits.

It's disturbing to hear that their software provider Playtech has no power over their licensee and therefore are not able to help affiliates or players. This was not expected from what we thought were a reputable software provider.

Playtech claims they are trying to work with this licensee in getting affiliates paid, though they haven't had much luck in persuading them apparently. 

6 of the top 10 searches on Google's first page for the term "Red Hot Revenue" turn up warnings to avoid the Red Hot Revenue affiliate program.

Searches for Playtech's affiliates are beginning to yield similar results sadly, since Playtech itself is considered a reputable company.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher



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