Pay Per Head Player Monitoring Report Tool Introduced by AcePerHead

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Aaron Goldstein
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Pay Per Head Player Monitoring Report Tool Introduced by AcePerHead

Gambling911.com is proud to announced the new state of the art Pay Per Head monitoring report tool ‘Player Watch’ available at AcePerHead.com.  Below is a breakdown on how to use this player monitoring service.

No matter what pay per head service you use, as an agent you will be given a login to a reporting site so you can review your figures and your player activity.  Generally pay per head sites have a similar back-end for their agents, but AcePerHead.com has several exclusive reports designed by bookmakers to help their customers make more money. One example of an exclusive feature is the Player Watch report, available only on Aceperhead.com.

Want to follow along with the tutorial?  You can login to an agent demo account by visiting here  and logging in with the
username test10 and password test10./

This feature allows you to single out specific players based on certain  rules.  First, you can choose specific accounts you want to keep a close eye on.  To do this, open their account by clicking on it anywhere it appears in any report.  This will give you a popup window with that has the players name, credit limit, and balance information, as well as 4 click-able actions.  All you have to do is click the "Watch" tab with the eye symbol below it, and this will then activate the Player Watch feature for that in particular player.

Adding Player Watch (scroll down for more)

Once you activate the player watch feature for a specific player or for a group of specific players, they will automatically show up in your player watch list whenever they are active. This list can be found by looking on the left hand side panel on the screen labeled Player Watch, where you will see the daily and weekly balances of the players, as well as shortcuts to see their open bets and lifetime performance.

Scroll Down For More...

There are two other features of the Player Watch list that help agents to keep an eye on their players -- these features work by setting certain criteria, and then the system automatically finds any players that match that criteria that particular week. The two features are “Winners Up”, and “Sheet-Swingers Above”. Simply enter a dollar amount in the settings at the top of the report, and the features will be activated.

So for example if you want to use the "Winners Up" option you would click that box and input, say, 2000.  This will single out all the players that are beating you by 2,000 or more in the current week (or previous week based on your settings) and show them to you automatically.  This way you don't have to manually add and remove people just to follow them on a hot week, the report brings them to your attention automatically.

The "Sheet-Swingers Above" option also asks you to put in a dollar value and when you click it on and enter say 500, it will pull in any of your players that have a pending open wagers where they could win $500 or more and swing your sheet one way or the other.  This is a great feature if you want a quick snapshot of who you need that night, based on which of your players have the largest bets.

Check out AcePerHead.com for many exclusive features, including the Player Watch report, and discover why so many agents are switching to Ace and never leaving.

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