Pay Per Head Bookie Guide: How to Grow Your Player List with Live Wagering

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Pay Per Head Bookie Guide: How to Grow Your Player List with Live Wagering

Every online bookie is constantly looking for more players, and that's why you need to offer the best experience possible to stand out.

Live wagering isn’t exactly a new feature, but it has gotten more attention recently with the rise of mobile-friendly websites.

And why wouldn’t it with online bookies increasing their betting activity with the unique marketing opportunities it presents.  

But if you’re not sure where to start, use this step by step guide on how to grow your pay per head player list with live wagering then signup to get live wagering for 2 weeks free over at PayPerHead.com.

Step One:  Re-boot Your Referral Program

Picture this…

One of your current players is watching his favourite NFL team with a handful of friends and he’s placing bets easily on his smartphone with your mobile friendly platform.

Your betting services are now being used in a room full of potential new players, and the perfectly timed reminder email about your referral program’s new bonus cash incentive will be the push he needs to turn to his friend and show him his awesome betting site.

Step Two:  Leverage Text Messaging

This step illustrates just how important player information can be to your pay per head business success, and here’s how it works:

  • If you’ve diligently collected your players’ cell phone numbers upon sign up, great job.
  • If you haven’t, don’t get worried yet. You can collect them with an email campaign.
  • Once you have a list, start to leverage one of the most common forms of communication today: SMS Messaging (or texting).
  • Send your players live updates via text based on the teams and sports they’re interested in
  • If a last-minute injury is announced or a line-up switch has occurred, let your players know the odds have changed and give them new betting options to play with
  • They'll appreciate the one-to-one attention and it will gain you more trust with your pay per head player list

And most importantly of all it minimizes the steps it takes for your players to place a bet when they receive a text with a link right to your mobile friendly site.

Step Three: Get More Attention

You can’t just depend on your player list growing organically; you’re going to exhaust your personal connections eventually.

Put together an advertising campaign using the unique messaging opportunity presented by live wagering; a newly added or discounted feature is always newsworthy enough to grab some new attention.

Display advertising through Adwords and Bing or leveraging social media channels to reach new audiences have all proven successful in the pay per head industry.  

Now that you know how live wagering can not only grow your player list but double or even TRIPLE your revenue, the final step is finding a pay per head platform that offers it.  

You can offer live wagering to your players right now completely free for the first two weeks from the industry-leading platform PayPerHead.

But only for November!  So give it a try.

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