Michael Phelps Would Take Online Poker to Next Level

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Ace King
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Michael Phelps

With Olympic swimmer and gold medal record holder Michael Phelps practicing to become a professional poker player, the idea of having someone of his stature representing online poker could prove to be more than just wishful thinking.

As Gambling911.com reported a while back, Phelps spent time in Las Vegas learning from the master, Doyle Brunson.  And that led to speculation that the world acclaimed swimmer could be joining Team Brunson in his poker room Doylesroom.com.

Brunson had this to say about Michael Phelps following the Gambling911.com report.

"What a great feeling it must be to be 23 years old and on top of the world.  I had dinner last night with Michael Phelps, the 8 gold medal winner from the Olympics.  What a nice kid!  He had a bunch of his friends from home with him and they were the guests of the Palms Hotel and Casino.  

"I got a call that he was an avid poker fan and wanted to meet me, Todd, and Hoyt Corkins.  Jennifer Harman and her husband Marco were also there.  Todd and Big Mike, Joe Montana's manager, eat all the time at the Nine Steakhouse at the Palms.  Chef Barry is a good friend of Todd's and Mike's and put out an elegant meal.  We had seafood, salad, steak, chicken, lamb and vegetables.  If you have never eaten there, you should try it.

"Phelps and some of his friends wanted books so I took Super System 1 and 2 to them and they asked all kinds of poker questions.  Michael said all he wanted to do in life, was to eat, swim and play poker."

"If he is going to endorse an online poker room, it's going to be Doyle's," one poker insider said. 

Phelps has taken part in a number of endorsement deals since winning his collection of gold medals at the Beijing Summer Olympics.

The ultimate prize, however, might be his reported new girlfriend - Caroline Caz Pal - who has the whole world talking. 

Phelps met Caz Pal in Vegas during his encounter with Doyle Brunson. 

"Those who come in contact with Doyle Brunson routinely end up meeting beautiful women," disclosed Gambling911.com Senior Editor, Payton O'Brien.  "Doyle's got the magic touch."

You too could get the magic touch - 110 percent cash bonus when you open up an online poker account at Doylesroom.com.  You might even get a chance to play with Michael Phelps some day.  Who knows.

Ace King, Gambling911.com 

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