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This years two best teams, the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, will meet in Houston on Sunday to decide a Super Bowl champion.

And when it comes to predicting who will win the MVP award, there is no shortage of candidates.

The MVP is another popular bet that online bookies and price per head agents will see as the big game approaches.

Could we have another surprise as we did last year when Von Miller, a defensive player, won the award? Or will it be a quarterback, which it typically is?

Miller, whose odds began at +6000 last year, did the sportsbooks no favors by winning with his big game. However, these two teams have prolific offenses so the chances of another defensive player winning are slim.

Let’s take a quick look at the top two candidates.

Tom Brady   +120

It will surprise no one that Tom Brady has the best odds to capture the MVP award this year. Brady’s performance on the field is not in question.

He will go down as arguably the greatest NFL quarterback of all-time. But he also seems to play better the bigger the game is.

With four Super Bowl wins behind him, the stage will not be too big. His ability to pick apart a defense, no matter how good, puts him at the top of the list.

A potential weakness with Brady could be the amount of pressure he gets from the Falcons front seven. If they can pressure him and make him a bit uncomfortable, it could tilt things in favor of Atlanta.

Matt Ryan   +200

Matt Ryan is behind Brady in the second spot. Ryan is playing in his first ever Super Bowl and will need to find his footing early. But he has had one of the best years of his career and comes into the game hot.

In his previous six games Ryan has 18 touchdown passes and no interceptions. He also threw four touchdowns in the NFC Championship game.

Although Ryan is a strong favorite for MVP, he will need to handle the moment and avoid turnovers to have a chance.

Both QB’s have a chance at MVP, and of course, every online bookie and price per head agent is prepared for Brady to be favored. Ryan won’t be too far behind though with how well his game has gone this season.
So be safe and protect profits, put max betting limits on both players, keep the limit to something your comfortable with, not where other bookies are

With both Brady and Ryan the top MVP choices, here are the next three with the best odds.

Julio Jones (ATL) +900

Logan Ryan (NE) +1000

Devonta Freeman (ATL) +2500

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