Price Per Head Agents: Super Bowl 52 Future Odds and Predictions

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Per head agents must pay attention to what both pro and casual players bet during the NFL Season.

More info on wagering is available for NFL games than for any other professional league. That’s because NFL drives sports betting in Las Vegas.

When it comes to Super Bowl 52 future odds, many agents could get hit with large wagers on teams offering odds before they know what hit them.

See below for four teams that per head agents must keep in mind as they study Super Bowl 52 future odds betting reports.

Best Bet at Odds: Atlanta Falcons +1600

The Falcons have a difficult schedule. But, online bookie agents would be amiss if they didn’t think the Falcons had a shot to win Super Bowl 52.

Atlanta might have a much better shot at 16 to 1 than the Dallas Cowboys do at 12 to 1. Agents must pay attention to wagers on the Falcons at such high odds.

Best Bet at Long Shot Odds: Philadelphia Eagles +5000

The Eagles have as much of a chance of winning the NFC East as the New York Giants. They might have as much of a chance as the Cowboys.

What it means is that 50 to 1 odds are ridiculous on a team with a closer chance of winning its division at around 3 to 1.

Set max betting limits. Football is tricky. After two weeks, were the Eagles to go undefeated and impressively beat their opponents, the odds could scamper all the way down to +1500.

Still, setting max betting limits is a cautious move that prevents profit loss.

Best Bet at Crazy Long Odds: Buffalo Bills +10000

100 to 1 on the best rushing team in the NFL? The odds-on Buffalo to win Super Bowl 52 are downright ludicrous. Buffalo has talent.

If new head coach Sean McDermott can get the Bills to play to their talent-level, watch out. This could be the surprise team in the NFL this season.

Max betting limits must be set. Set those limits for all players by using the mass editing tool.

Might Garner the Most Casual Bets: New England Patriots +375

The odds are so low that it’s almost embarrassing. But, the Pats could win Super Bowl 52.

They’re the clear-cut favorite. Casual players might dump on New England at the low odds.

Should online bookie agents set max betting limits? It’s hard to say. This is one future prop that some agents might want to let ride.

The last team to win back-to-back Super Bowls were the Patriots in 2004-2005. History doesn’t always repeat itself.

Making the most money this NFL season is only possible with the best tools and software.

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