As A Pay Per Head Bookie, You Should Beware Of These NCAAF Parlay Bets

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The first 4 pay per head weeks into the NCAAF has seen Alabama run rampant ready to devour whatever team will come on its way. Well, according to critics as well as other genuine observers, Alabama haven’t displayed any good game so far.

However, there is no doubt that they are still the favorites in the 5th week of the NCAAF tournament.

As a pay per head bookie, you should however look at things from a different perspective. After all, is it not you who sets the agenda to your clients? If you agree so, then it is time you looked at how other teams can help you improve your pay per head site as well as find it easy to reap a lot of ‘juice’ as other top bookies in the industry.

Alabama Vs Mississippi State

It is true that Alabama’s games have not shown the real Alabama that is known to the people. In fact, the Tide’s opening game with the Florida state, which was a big game, saw a lot of dominance against the Seminoles. Probably this is the reason why since then, they have subsequently not featured in the top 25.

There is a lot that can be said of the team that can affect the odds and pay per head betting.

For instance, in spite of Mississippi winning in their opening matches, their performance was below par teams.

That is why sports bettors should not expect magic from the Ole Miss.

Iowa State Vs Texas

When it comes to college football the two states have met 14 times. Twelve of those serious encounters have gone to the Longhorns. That means that the other two meetings have gone to the other state.

Coincidentally, neither of the teams is ranked nationally. Texas lost 1-2 to Maryland. However, the Longhorns smashed San Jose 56-0!

Duke Vs Miami

In their last meetings, Miami has won 3 times. In aggregate, Miami has netted 12 out of the 14 encounters. In fact, in the last season alone, Miami went on record to corner Blue Devils 40 against 21.

It is good for bookmakers using online bookie software from TopPayPerHead.com to know that currently, Miami are ranked at numb 14 nationwide and are looking stronger than previous seasons.

The list is likely to go on but it is a good thing for pay per head bookies to note that parlays are hard to win for their clients.

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