Achtung! Germans Weigh in on Annie Duke Apprentice Flap

Written by:
Thomas Somach
Published on:
Annie Duke


Against, of all things, billionaire Donald Trump, the host of "Celebrity Apprentice."

Poker fans from all over the world are angry that Trump fired poker pro Annie Duke on the finale of the American reality TV show last Sunday, making comic Joan Rivers the winner and Trump's personal celebrity apprentice.

And now some Duke fans in Germany-ironic because on the show Rivers compared Duke to onetime German dictator Hitler-are backing Annie and damning Trump.

On a website that seemingly popped up overnight, after the finale aired, at www.trump-was-wrong.com, two fans who identify themselves only as "Nino and Chris" defend the Duke and dis the Donald.

They wrote: "As we yesterday watched the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice, one thing was (obscenity deleted) obvious! Trump was wrong!

"Apparently, Joan was extremely disrespectful and wrong too! But Trump surprisingly tolerated Joan's tirade and was wrong to pick her as the Celebrity Apprentice. Really unprofessional. Really.

"We don't hate Joan and certainly don't grudge her or her charity the benefit of winning this show. But you and your charity would have truly deserved it!

"We were watching your from Germany and just couldn't let this pass. We had to get this domain and design this site hoping to actually reach out to you!

"Please don't be disappointed! They so didn't get it! We do! A lot of people do! If you like you can get back to us at hello@trump-was-wrong.com. Nino and Chris."

So is there any chance Duke would actually reach out and try to contact these two Deutschland dorks who have nothing better to do than set up a fan worship site to someone they don't even know?

Yeah, about as much chance as there is of beating a royal flush with a pair of deuces.

Thomas Somach, www.pokerhelper.com

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