Best Screenplay Odds – Oscars 2009

A number of online gambling websites are offering the basic cookie cutter Oscar odds but Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Feb/22/2009

Best Actor to Win 2009 Oscar: Mickey Rourke vs. Sean Penn

The Best Actor category at this year's Oscars is a two man show and much tighter than those of us at Gambling911.com had imagined.

Mickey Rourke may be the favorite to win at BetUS.com - where an $18 bet is required to win $10 ($28 is paid out total is Rourke wins) - but he is far from a "lock" as the Dominic Patten of the Tampa Bay Examiner explains:

Submitted by Payton on, Feb/22/2009

Best Supporting Actress Odds – 2009 Oscars Best Bet

When it comes to the 2009 Oscars best bet, look no further than the Best Supporting Actress category.

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Feb/22/2009

Betting on the Academy Awards: Odds Differ Across Board

When betting on the Academy Awards, Gambling911.com suggests shopping wisely just as you would a brand new automobile.  Not only do you want the best price on odds, it's important to find online g

Submitted by C Costigan on, Feb/22/2009

Kate Winslet Crying During Acceptance Speech Pays Well

Assuming Kate Winslet wins an Oscar for Best Actress after being nominated a 6th time and never having won, tears will pay gamblers nicely.

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Feb/22/2009

Odds to Win Best Animated Film – 2009 Oscars

Not all online gambling websites are offering odds to win the Best Animated Film at the 2009 Oscars, but SBG Global, one of

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Feb/21/2009

2009 Oscar Predictions – Payouts

We all know the 2009 Oscar predictions that include the likes of Heath Ledger to win Best Supporting Actor, Slumdog Millionaire to win Best Film, and Danny Boyle to win Best Director.  These are a

Submitted by C Costigan on, Feb/21/2009

Academy Awards Predictions (from a Bookmaker)

Online bookmaker BetUS.com has released a few 2009 Academy Awards predictions heading into Saturday night.

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Feb/21/2009

Hugh Jackman and Other Oscar Prop Betting Odds

Forget Best Picture and Best Actor.  What we really want is odds on who will cry and who will fight.  How about what color dress Angelina Jolie will be wearing or the designer for Kate Winslet's

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Feb/21/2009

India, Great Britain, Australia Will be Betting on Oscars

While Oscar betting among U.S.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Feb/21/2009

2009 Oscars – Best Actress Odds Tight

When it comes to the 2009 Oscars categories and betting, The "Best Actress" odds tended to be among the tightest, tighter than those gowns perhaps.

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Feb/21/2009

Best Picture Odds 2009 Oscars: Slumdog Millionaire Still Great Value

The Best Picture odds for 2009 had Slumdog Millionaire as the very big favorite at most online gambling websites.

A review of five such sites by Gambling911.com found that nearly all had Slumdog Millionaire requiring a $10 bet or more just to win $1.  Not so at Sportsbook.com.

Submitted by Carrie Stroup on, Feb/21/2009

2009 Academy Awards Betting Unprecedented

"We have not seen anything like this!" exclaimed Gambling911.com Senior Editor, Payton O'Brien, noting that the number of 2009 Academy Awards betting inquiries was more than in any previo

Submitted by C Costigan on, Feb/21/2009

Odds to Win Best Foreign Film 2009 Oscars

The odds to win Best Foreign Language Film at the 2009 Oscars were available at BetUS.com.

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Feb/20/2009

2009 Oscar Pick: Gambling Site Says The Reader Could Shock

Nominees for Best Film have shocked in the past (witness Crash just a few years back).  Hence the reason why online gambling website BetUS.comSubmitted by Jordan Bach on, Feb/20/2009

Oscars Vegas Odds – You Will Need to Bet Online

Las Vegas has posted odds on the Oscars.  The one catch:  You can't place actual money bets.  That's right, Oscars Vegas odds are just that, odds rendered useless, especially since they have no

Submitted by C Costigan on, Feb/20/2009

Bet the Oscars This Sunday – How To Win Big

When you place your bet on the Oscars this Sunday remember there are methods to employ for winning extra money.

It is good to know that typically the favorite wins more than not.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Feb/20/2009

2009 Oscar Predictions From an Oddsmaker Turned VP Nom

Former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, Wayne Root, is here with his 2009 Oscar predictions for Gambling911.com readers.  Mr.

Submitted by Guest on, Feb/20/2009

Aubrey O’Day Tells G911 Ex Poker Beau David Williams Nice Guy

She referred to his foot fetish as "weird" and a "little scary" in a radio interview this week but this month's Playboy model and fashionista, Aubrey O'Day, insisted to Gambling

Submitted by Jenny Woo on, Feb/19/2009

Bet the Academy Awards at Sportingbet

Have you bet the Academy Awards yet?  For those of you living outside the United States, Submitted by Ean Lamb on, Feb/19/2009

Sparky Collins Shoots Aubrey O’Day

Gambling911.com Cuban transgender reporter, Sparky Collins, has been working New York's Fashion Week, wearing a beautiful sequenced green gown and his Cindy Brady signature pony tail.  But it's no

Submitted by Payton on, Feb/18/2009

Celebrity Apprentice Promises to be Train Wreck

Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice debuts March 1 and is technically in its 8th season.  After achieving a 7th place finish in the ratings its first year and enjoying top 20

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Feb/17/2009

Dancing With The Stars Odds Announced (Season 8)

Sportsbook.com on Monday released D

Submitted by Carrie Stroup on, Feb/16/2009

Is There Value in Betting Heath Ledger to Win Oscar?

Gambling911.com has posed this question already:  Should anyone even bother to bet on Heath Ledger winning an Oscar for his portrayal of the Joker in "The Dark Knight"?

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Feb/16/2009

BRIT Award Betting Canceled

Paul Weller has won the BRIT Award.  Well, not so fast.

Submitted by Alistair Prescott on, Feb/16/2009

2009 Oscar Betting Propositions

Everyone will be betting the Oscars but it's not just the usual categories one can wager on.  This year, Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Feb/15/2009

Best Actor Oscar Odds: Mickey Rourke No Lock

Despite all the hoopla surrounding Mickey Rourke and his own personal story (which includes leaving acting to become a boxer), the favorite to take home the Oscar for "Best Actor" at this

Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Feb/14/2009

Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities to Employ Gambling Theme

Gambling911.com has learned that upcoming episodes of Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities will feature "some casino and gambling themes".  The show's second season was the highest rated lau

Submitted by Alistair Prescott on, Feb/12/2009

UltimateBet Teams Up With WWE WrestleMania XXV

UltimateBet.net is once again matching the all-in excitement of Texas Hold ‘em with the best value in entertainment - World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.

Submitted by Guest on, Feb/11/2009

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Germany's Gambling Market in the focus at Mare Balticum Gaming Summit 2018

The organizers of Mare Balticum Gaming Summit 2018 are excited to announce that the event will also feature a discussion about the state of the gambling industry in Germany and what is to be expected this year.

Forbes: A Narrow Ruling For New Jersey Could Still Allow Sports Betting By Private Operators

Even if the U.S. Supreme Court decides not to allow legalized sports betting, there is still a narrow path for private companies to allow it, so says Forbes.com.

Nevada Gaming Commission Alters Rules on Gambling While High

The Nevada Gaming Commission tweaked its regulations for dealing with intoxicated gamblers.

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