When Should You Be Using Pay Per Head Services?

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If you are considering starting an online sportsbook or online casino then the best option for you to get started is by using a service that is known as Pay Per Head.

When Is Pay Per Head The Right Choice For You?

Pay Per Head is a concept that allows almost anyone to start their own sportsbook or casino in the most cost effective way possible. When you sign up for a pay per head service you get not only state of the art software for your clients, buy also a management portal that allows you to control every part of your business in a few clicks.

While Pay Per Head has been around for a while, it is really starting to take off now and is grabbing the attention of bookmakers all over the world that do not yet have an online presence. Not only is the website side of things all encompassing, you also get a fully training customer support center working on your behalf.

When you sign up for a service like Premier Per Head they will not only get you setup immediately with their software solution, but they will also give you a full functioning website allowing your customers to access their accounts quickly and easily.

The website will be built branded to you, enabling you to hit the ground running with what is essentially a business in a box.

The pay per head solution that premier per head offer will allow you to provide your customers with:

  • In Game Wagering
  • A Casino Packed With The Most Popular Games
  • Horse Racing Wagering Abilities
  • The ability to select which markets you want to allow your customers to bet on.
  • Manually add new players if necessary
  • A huge selection of reports for you the operator to fine tune your business based on statistics.
  • A single price, per active user and no other hidden charges.
  • Completely mobile friendly service
  • An online cashier with a wide range of payment options available to your clients.
  • Access for you and your clients to an all English speaking customer support service to ensure everyone is happy, all of the time!

If you want to allow specialist terms for a particular customer, then you can easily do this with a few clicks of a button! Essentially Pay Per Head is a bundled package in order for people to start a business based on betting without the need to invest tens, if not hundreds of thousands on software development.

With premier per head, you can always rest assured that the system has been developed on the back of many years’ experience in the industry and from listening to see exactly what the customers want!

Security is always of the utmost concern when you run a bookmakers. At premier per head you can be sure that our software and team are all set to detect any form of manipulation in the system. As it is your business, you can have full control over what players can and cannot do.

If you want to find out more, then simply take a look at premierperhead.com where you will get all the information that you need to start your own bookmakers. Just think, in under an hour you can have your own fully functioning casino and sportsbook and ready to make the big profits!

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