Tricks to Becoming a Successful Bookie

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Being a bookie is pretty easy nowadays with all the various pay per head websites that you can use in order to provide your players with a fully functioning website with countless betting options each day.

So getting set up to be a bookie and finding a PPH website like is the easy part, but there are some useful tricks that can help you be a successful bookie and help you continue to grow your business.

The most important thing to any player wagering on sports is that they get paid when they win. So the most important trick or tip for bookies is to always make sure you pay your players. If you donít pay your players when they win then you are not going to be a bookie for very long, because nobody is going to bet with a bookie that does not pay their players. But this should be obvious, so the real trick is to pay players fast when they win.

Most agents that book action do so by giving their players a credit limit to bet with each week and the weekends on Sunday night at midnight. This means that if your players are up money on that week then you should be calling them first thing on Monday morning and asking them how and when would they liked to get paid. The faster you pay your players the better because nobody likes to wait to get paid if they donít have to.

So not only do you make your players happy that you paid them quickly but you also set yourself up to get a slew of referral business. Since getting paid is the most important thing to a player, then they will definitely refer you to any of their friends or people they know that are interested in betting. Because the first thing your player will tell a new potential player is that his agent always pays him and pays him immediately.

The other useful trick is to offer your players free plays. A free play is exactly what it sounds like, it is a free bet on a game, and the way it works is that you give someone a certain dollar amount in free play. So for example, if you give someone a $100 free play that means they have $100 free to bet on a game, or they can even break that up into as many smaller bets that equal up to $100 as they want. If they use the free play and win the bet then the winning amount goes towards their overall balance for the week, and if they lose the bet then the free play amount disappears but it will not be subtracted from their current balance as a normal losing wager. This means the player gets a free bet and even if he loses it will not cost him anything.

Everyone loves getting something free so offering your players free plays after they lose and pay you is a nice way to give your players a generous kick back and the best part is that it does not cost you any money or out of pocket expense to give them a free play. In addition, the free play just makes the players continue to bet, because who wouldnít make a bet if they canít lose any money from it?

The other way to utilize the free play to your advantage is by telling your players you can give them a certain free play amount every time they refer a new player for you. So this gets your players to help you get a few new customers and again does not cost you anything. So instead of giving players referral bonuses in cash, itís always a smart move to give them the bonus in free play, and once again they will be happy because they get something for free and they will then go use that free play to continue to make wagers. So these couple of tricks can go a long way in helping you to be a successful bookie that has the ability to continue to grow your bookmaking business.

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