TopPayPerHead.com Shows How A Local Bookie Can Keep His Clients

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Moving any business from one location to the other poses challenges. It is the same when moving their pay per head bookie business. Bookies who want to shift to the internet fear losing clients. That should not worry you. There is nothing you are going to lose. You will have your clients. The number of clients is going to soar.

During this process, it is possible for others to lose clients’ data. This happens during the betting exchange. But you can give your clients the best experience. Note that during the betting exchange, there is the giving out of such information. The customer’s name is among the data. The problem occurs if the client stays in such places. These are places that do not accept online gambling. Such areas are a threat to the client. It is not good when the name of your client remains in every transaction. That is a significant security issue in many places. Learn how to bank with Bitcoin at www.TopPayPerHead.com.

In some incidents, it requires clients to fill in more information. Such information includes financial details. That happens when signing up. This information is sensitive. It is able to tie the client to a betting site. At such a point, the data is at risk. Hackers may use this information to compromise your client’s security. Remember that many hackers target betting exchanges. They know that clients give out their financial information during the excise. This is the point you need to guard your clients.

The only way to save this situation is using the right tool. Top Pay per head bookie software is the right tool. Nowhere will the software ask for client’s personal information.  PPH works in a very discreet way. At no time will the software requires your clients to provide personal information. Things are very different when signing up. It is not like other internet providers.

Upon signing up, your clients receive a PIN. Above all,  this is a unique Personal Identification Number. It identifies your client. Every customer on your site has a single number. Your client will use their PIN every time they log in. They will not use their names. There is nowhere the client’s name is a need. There is something you’ll do to the accounts. You will store your clients’ betting records offshore. This is another level of security. The only solution to your clients’ security concerns is the pay per head software. Every gamer that uses PPH site is safe now and forever.

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