Price Per Head Agents Stay Competitive With These 5 Tips

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There is no shortage of competition for online bookie agents. With the advent of mobile betting, agents can allow their customers access to place bets at any time day or night.


That makes it difficult for agents to remain competitive.


Below are 5 tips that should help pay per head agents stay competitive. All tips listed here, save for the final tip, are based on understanding exactly what the per head industry is.


The per head industry is a service industry. Never forget that as an agent you provide a service to your clients.



Treat Current Customers Right


Any business in any service industry lives or dies based on the level of service it provides. You must provide great customer service.


That’s the most important thing to remember as a pay per head agent.


Providing great customer service doesn’t mean that you allow all players to bet as much as they want on any event they want.


Providing great customer service also means creating settle alerts so that players don’t end up owing you more money than they can afford to pay you.


Utilize Word of Mouth Marketing


Word of mouth marketing is still the best way to gain new clients. All service industries grow, add clients and sales, based on word of mouth marketing.


If you don’t believe me, think about Yelp. Yelp built a company based on word of mouth marketing.



Personalize Email and Text Marketing Messages


Use the Wagers Report and specific Player Activity Report to think about ways to design personalized email and text marketing messages.


This is important for your pro players. Pro players bet much more than casual players. Adding a personalized level of marketing for your pro players can keep those pros playing with you.


Offer Season Long Contests


NFL season long survivor contests are popular. You can offer a wagering credit of $500 to $1,000 for any player that wins a survivor contest.


You can set a contest up through a site like or Then, all you do is add wagering credits to the contest winning player’s account.


This is a great angle to get more bettors, and to help pay per head agents stay competitive.


Sign-Up for PayPerHead Prime Package


This tip is about you, the online bookie agent.’s Premium Package offers tools that could give you a leg up on your competition.


Competition is so fierce in the per head industry that you should add as many tools as you can.


Keep up with competition, sign up for PayPerHead’s Prime Package today and get it for just $5 per head. Just in time for the up and coming 2017 NFL Season.

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