Premier Price Per Head Brings you Live Wagering for Every Game, Every Day

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Matt Skinner
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The sports betting industry continues to grow at a high rate year after year and one of the biggest betting phenomena’s driving this growth is live in-game wagering. If you are an independent sports bookmaker and you are not getting your fair share of this action then it is time to give Premier Pay Per Head a call.

Over the past 15 years, Premier has grown to become the top Pay Per Head service out there for independent sports bookmakers. We only offer proven PPH business solutions that have helped independent agents just like yourself grow into prosperous bookmaking operations that are built for long-term growth and success.

It all starts with an advanced operating system that rivals anything that the big online sportsbooks have running their multi-million dollar websites. It is supported by state-of-the-art sports betting software that is both customizable and easy to use while employing any number of security measure to keep every online transaction safe and secure.

Premier is also a cut above the rest when it comes to providing customer service that is truly world class. Our call center is staffed with the best in the sports betting business that come from a bookmaking background. They know how to speak your language and they also know how to work with an American-based cliental to eliminate any communication barriers that may exist.

When it comes to live in-game betting, Premier has partnered with the top oddsmaking services in the world today to bring you betting lines fast and sharp. You will have access to all the action your customers are looking for in today’s fast-paced mobile world that thrives on betting the games as they progress. Updated betting lines come fast and furious when it comes to betting live games and you need a PPH service that you can always count on to keep pace.  

You never want to get caught missing a betting line or missing a critical line move as these both have the ability to negatively affect your bottom line. The combination of our advanced sports betting software along with industry experts manning our call center have proven to be a winning combination time and time again. This is especially true for sports bookmakers looking for that edge in what has become a very competitive business environment. Give Premier a test-spin today to see why it always pays to work with the best PPH service with the best PPH business solutions.

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