Own an Online Sportsbook in Ohio: Columbus, Cleveland and Statewide

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Ohioans love to bet sports, a result of their successful and beloved Ohio State Buckeyes, NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers, the AL pennant winning Cleveland Indians and those amazing Browns (sorry).

The Buckeyes continued Ohio’s winning this past season.  In 2016, the Ohio State Buckeyes won the College Football Championship, 42–20, marking the first national championship awarded under the CFP system.  They failed to repeat in 2017.

Ohio sports bettors and wannabe bookies now have a way to take full advantage of the Buckeyes successful post season and every other sporting event under the sun.

AcePerhead.com is to the Pay Per Head industry what free online poker rooms are to the real play Web poker rooms.

Offer the platform for free, take it for a 6-week test drive then determine if you want to be a serious bookie or agent by continuing to use the platform for a low fee per customer.  You will have virtually limited overhead while focusing exclusively on growing your business, sitting back and collecting money as opposed to booking bets like the bookies of the past.

You will run your sportsbook just like the masters.  Futures and game props are available as well.

And don't forget, your players will be able to BET LIVE IN-PLAY right up to the final second of most nationally televised games and ALL Ohio State Buckeyes games.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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