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Want to own a customized online sportsbook in the Boston and New England area?  Now you can thanks to our friends at AcePerHead.com.

Boston sports fans and bettors love their Patriots and Red Sox and in 2017 the Patriots won Super Bowl 52 and posted one of the best record Against The Spread of any sport in 2016.  They were the favorites to win the 2018 Super Bowl with future prop bets available from AcePerHead.

The free software platform can be test driven for a six-week period.  Don't worry, you'll want to keep your players at AcePerHead.com by the second day doing business with them.

Especially as it relates to the New England Patriots, bookies catering to this region need to have a Pay Per Head service like the one provided by AcePerHead, at the very least in order to lay off big bets.

Pay Per Head companies provide various tools to bookmakers and agents they themselves have trouble offering on their own.  These businesses offer LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING, hundreds of game and player props, future bets, an online casino platform and betting on dozens of horse races through a customized website, all of which can help boost profits while significantly reducing losses.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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