Ohio State Bookies, Pay Per Heads: Buckeyes Cover in 10 of 15 Games Last Season

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Don Shapiro
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Ohio State Bookies, Pay Per Heads: Buckeyes Cover in 10 of 15 Games Last Season

(Gambling911.com Sports Betting Wire) - Ohio State bookies know the difficulties of running a profitable business following last year’s unprecedented success of their hometown favorite Buckeyes that culminated with bettors winning big.  Including the post season, Ohio State managed to cover in ten of their 15 games.

The Ohio State bookies will be looking for a little extra assistance in the form of Pay Per Head shops that manage all lines and monitor player action.

The folks who run the lines at AcePerHead.com happen to be among the sharpest in the industry.  You won’t win every game but you’ll have more guys resisting betting on some games and the Pay Per Head will have a more astute understanding of your players limits. 

Ohio State will win a lot of games this season and probably keep covering but you as the bookie will be less exposed utilizing the PPH.

Below is the schedule for 2015.  Our friends at AceSportsbook.com were offering future odds of Ohio State winning the BCS Championship at 3-1 and they will be releasing conference odds and season wins totals here shortly.
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2015 Schedule
Sept. 7 at Virginia Tech
Sept. 12 Hawaii
Sept. 19 Northern Illinois
Sept. 26 Western Michigan
Oct. 3 at Indiana
Oct. 10 Maryland
Oct. 17 Penn State
Oct. 24 at Rutgers
Nov. 7 Minnesota
Nov. 14 at Illinois
Nov. 21 Michigan State
Nov. 28 at Michigan

Offshore Pay Per Head companies abide by international gambling laws.  As such, those 18 years of age or older are welcome to do business with such establishments.  College students 18 years or older are also able to gamble. With some exceptions, most US land-based casinos require an individual to be at least 21 years old if they wish to gamble. 

Remember, always make studying a number one priority if you happen to be attending Ohio State University.  Never conduct your bookie business on campus as this could result in a suspension. 

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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